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In the episode in which the 20 competitors of Masterchef were selected, the judges interrupted the technical test and eliminated two aspiring chefs ahead of time. The story of the evening

There masterclass was formed: in the episode of Masterchef aired on December 23 on Sky Uno, the judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo And Giorgio Locatelli they chose i 20 competitors who will compete for the title of eleventh Italian Masterchef.

The selections were very hard: divisi in three groups based on theirs shortcomings emerged during the Live Cooking, aspiring chefs faced three skill tests, each personally designed by a chef. Between promoted, eliminated and postponed, here's how it went.

Locatelli's proof of originality on the burrito

The first group of competitors was given the proof of originality by chef Locatelli who asked to prepare a burrito creative. At the end of the half hour, the best is to Tracy, the Nigerian who speaks Veneto, who wins the white apron with her own name. The rocker's scrambled burrito is also convincing Bruno and those of Nicholas, Elena, Rita, Anna, Tina And Polone (even if it lacked salt) which thus become part of the masterclass. Mary Patch by not finishing her burrito, but Chef Barbieri is betting on her by allowing her to compete again for entry to Masterchef in the final challenge.

Barbieri's technical test, “sharp” like the chef

The second group of aspiring chefs faces the Barbieri's technical test: “If you are afraid, welcome to Masterchef”, intones the judge. Competitors must demonstrate knowledge of the cuts of fruit and vegetables, to know fillet a sole and to be able to boning a duck. The test starts: four competitors cut themselves with a knife; "It's a test as sharp as you" – Cannavacciuolo exclaims to Barbieri, then the judges, disappointed by how the aspiring chefs are working, stop the test early: two competitors (including Roberto from Bergamo) are eliminated before the time runs out. because they don't measure up to Masterchef's kitchen. Instead, they pass the test by accessing the masterclass Carmine, Andrea, Federico And Andrealetizia. Greta is postponed: the clove is not a cut of the orange.

The aesthetic test of Cannavacciuolo with chicken and potatoes

It's time for the third group of competitors and the aesthetic test by chef Cannavacciuolo: aspiring chefs will have to elegantly present a popular dish like chicken and potatoes. The Japanese Mime (who prepares a sort of "floral" maki with chicken) is the best of the test for precision, elegance and essence and accesses the masterclass together with Dahlia And Christian.

In the final challenge the Palermitan competitor corrects Barbieri: "Arancina, not arancino"

There are still five places left in the masterclass and the competitors who did not pass the previous tests, but to whom the judges have given another chance, compete for them. In the final challenge gaspiring chefs will have to cook a dish using at least two wrong ingredients: there are, for example, overcooked rice, some clams with sand, a unsalted cod, one mad mayonnaise, a torn cream, one bechamel full of lumps.

The Sicilian Peter presents his dish: “We expected an arancino from you” – exclaims Barbieri. "Arancina, chef ", the competitor corrects him – I'm from Palermo". However, his rice salad convinces the judges that I also promote Nicky, Mery And Lia.

Now the official race can begin: appointment on December 30th!

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