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The tri-starred chef Massimo Bottura arrives in Los Angeles: a new opening for Gucci Osteria from Massimo Bottura Beverly Hills, on the roof of the Gucci Rodeo Drive store in Los Angeles on February 17, 2020. To welcome him in preview, a parterre of enthusiastic Oscar stars!

Like a movie star, our chef Massimo Bottura has landed in Los Angeles with its new Gucci Osteria from Massimo Bottura Beverly Hills, right on the legendary Rodeo Drive on the top floor of the boutique of the iconic fashion brand. The partnership between Gucci and Bottura continues successfully, which began in 2018 with Gucci Osteria in Florence and recently awarded a Michelin star.

Gucci Beverly HillsPhoto by Pablo Enriquez.

As the golden doors of the new location officially open on February 17th, Hollywood stars have rushed to celebrate Chef Bottura and Gucci's CEO. Marco Bizzarri, to the exclusive preview. Already in town for the Oscar night, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Saoirse Ronan, from Salma Hayek to Anjelica Houston, celebrities from the world of cinema and music welcomed the news with great enthusiasm.

Salma Hayek.

A very important project that underlines the strong link with Los Angeles. Massimo Bottura and Karime López (the first Mexican chef to receive a Michelin star and the chef de cuisine of the Gucci Osteria in Florence) worked alongside the chef Mattia Agazzi for Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills. The new Gucci outpost in California allows chefs to develop and transform classic Italian recipes into an intercultural mix by mixing ingredients, techniques and flavors in each extraordinary dish.

The menu takes inspiration from travel around the world, from the passion for art, from the love of music, in a continuous creative movement without borders or barriers, fully reflecting the personality of the fashion brand as well as the culinary vision of Bottura. There is no shortage of iconic dishes on the menu such as the famous Tortellini in Parmesan cream or the legendary Emilia Burger, which will complement new original Californian-inspired proposals using organic products from local farmers' markets.

Herringbone wood floors, deluxe signed wallpaper Gucci Decor, tables in burgundy red marble and cherry-colored velvet seats inside, terrace in Italian marble mosaic with a breathtaking view and an ancient wooden pulpit as an outdoor bar: the location design also perfectly reflects the innate glamor of the Florentine brand , going to emphasize its deep-rooted relationship with the 70's Los Angeles jet set. The intertwining of culture, food and fashion completely envelops the lively and inspirational environment, confirming once again the importance of the experimental food scene of the Californian city as a place of culinary innovation.

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