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The Roman hubby is the sweet of the moment, in Milan and thanks to the new Gelsomina pastry. The merit, of the influencers, of Instagram and of an entrepreneur. And the rest of the patisseries follows. Here is where to find, among classic versions, the creative ones by Iginio Massari or the savory ones for brunch

The maritozzo has become trendy. But we are not in Rome. We are in the Milan of fashion, design, phobia for carbohydrates and influencers. And it was they alone who decreed that we now like marriages – strictly with cream. A large, soft, sweet sandwich, rich in butter, honey and eggs, filled with whipped cream. A classic that does not even mean "back in fashion", because nobody had ever done it in Milan.

The credit goes to a girl, Ilaria Puddu, which however is not a pastry chef, but an entrepreneur. Partner of Stefano Saturnino, in seven years together they opened 35 premises and 7 brands, starting from Panini Durini to reach the various Marghe, Pizzium etc. It's them too Gelsomina, the Milanese confectionery that turned out to be a real media event in a few months. It opened in autumn 2018 and thanks to an intelligent social strategy is the place to be of the Milanese weekend.
Everything is perfect: grandmother's cups, peeling walls without plaster, some plants, a social table, garden furniture, the light that enters through the windows, coffee and homemade Sicilian-inspired pastries. Brioche, cupcakes, cannolo and husband: he has become the most photographed and shared dessert of the moment.

A few steps away from Pavè, Gelsomina cannot boast the captivating story of a youthful enterprise, of tears, blood and mess-tin, of a life change thanks to the conversion to the pastry shop, of the laboratory at sight. They don't even stress you on the superfine quality of the ingredients and the name of the pastry chef (Marco Spera, he worked at La Mantia but few know it) is neither communicated nor idolized. It is a place born from the intuition of two young entrepreneurs who know how the "all-day bakeries" will be a new trend together with bread. The idea of ​​husband is instead only by Ilaria. She wondered why no one did it in Milan, and here's the answer. He just had to start the right one.

Gelsomina's husband.

The customers like and even like the husband Iginio Massari, who proposes it in his pastry shop in Piazza Diaz in the city center. For him, the world champion of pastry, the perfect husband has a paste neither rubbery nor too hard, with a surface polished by egg and liquid cream. He had talked to Meet Massari 2018, a tour of Italy through his confectionery traditions that in Rome had devoted ample space to the typical dessert of the capital. Its variant has cream and even whipped cream, and serves it with cutlery.

The husband of Iginio Massari.

If Massari's husband hasn't arrived in the influencer feeds yet, he also serves it Filippo La Mantia that in his Sicilian pastry making an exception to the rule against cassate and arancini.

Filippo La Mantia's husband.

We try to break through on social media "The American who loved brioche"Local in the Isola area (new opening from February 2019) where you can find them classic or savory and stuffed with scrambled eggs and bacon, for breakfast all day long, or Maritozz-hot with sausages and ketchup.

The husbands of An American who loved brioche.

The site Scatti di Gusto has done a research, and found three more at the Pasticceria San Gregorio, Marlà and the Pasticceria Eoliana and they also serve it from Abbottega, a place of Roman inspiration.

To date we have mapped these, but without a doubt they are only the first.

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