March 24, today would have been Gelato Day – Italian Cuisine

March 24, today would have been Gelato Day

In ice cream parlors all over Europe for the European Day of Artisanal Ice Cream it would be celebrated by eating strawberry-flavored yogurt. Here because

There is the world day of panzerotto, let alone if there was no one dedicated to homemade ice cream: not only does it exist, but it is a "commanded party" recognized by Europe. In fact, Gelato Day is so far the only day that European Parliament has dedicated to a food and was born to celebrate and promote homemade ice cream.

Artisanal ice cream is a food that not only represents excellence in terms of quality and food safety, but which is also a true asset for the entire supply chain, capable of moving billions across the planet and enhancing the agro-food products of each individual Member State. Cones and cups thus become a unique opportunity to contribute both to the promotion of artisan knowledge, which has always been an expression of quality, authenticity and territoriality, and, more generally, to the enhancement of artisan ice cream – a sector that only in the Old Continent uses more than 300 thousand employees for a turnover of over 9.5 billion euros, which is constantly growing.

The idea of ​​Gelato Day actually took shape in 2009 with the official presentation to the Parliament of Strasbourg, finally established in 2012, thanks to the idea of ​​Longarone Fiere Dolomiti and Artglace – Confédération des Associations des Artisans Glaciers de la Communauté Européenne, the organ representing the European artisan ice cream makers. The confederation is international, autonomous and independent, apolitical and non-partisan and non-profit. ARTGLACE brings together the associations of artisan gelato makers from 7 European Community countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland and Spain.

Peculiarity of Gelato Day is the "Taste of the Year": For this eighth edition, it is dedicated to Holland and it is variegated strawberry yogurt, which would have been proposed on March 24, 2020 in the ice cream parlors of numerous Italian and European cities that had prepared themselves to honor one of the most popular products ever. As per tradition, in fact, each edition has its own taste and, after a 2019 in the name of Italianness with the authentic tiramisu, this year it's the turn of the country of the windmills, which has chosen a taste capable of combining both its long dairy tradition as well as the extraordinary quality recognized for its strawberries – which in this country are extremely valuable and practically all year round, from March until late December. Next year is the turn of Spain, and expects to know the identifying taste that will be prepared throughout Europe.

Also with ice cream shops, an appointment with the culture of artisan ice cream. Hoping to return to cones and cups soon.

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