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Lots of ideas for seasoning vegetables in the summer

When oil and salt no longer satisfy you, try seasoning salads and vegetables with the dressing. Here are the best ones for the summer

This is the season of salads and huge ones portions of steamed vegetables, partly because you have less appetite, partly because you want to eat only healthy and light foods.
At least on condiments we can indulge ourselves a little, though, so if you want to add a touch of taste to your vegetables, prepare some fresh and fragrant dressing.
Here are some ideas for you.

Season with the vinaigrette

Not really a sauce, but rather an emulsion that does not replace the classic seasoning with oil, salt and vinegar, but turns it into one.
To prepare the vinaigrette, it is enough to quickly mix all the ingredients of the classic seasoning to create a fairly uniform emulsion. You can replace wine vinegar with apple vinegar or even with lemon juice or other citrus fruits.

Yogurt Dressing

Fresh and with a slightly acidulous taste, especially on steamed vegetables. It is prepared simply by mixing it low-fat yogurt with oil, salt and lemon juice. You can then enrich it with herbs like mint, parsley, basil or fennel or even with a clove of garlic and grated cucumbers to turn it into Greek tzatziki.

Bulgarian sauce

A less light variant of yogurt sauce is the Bulgarian sauce which includes the addition of chopped mint with a knife, a clove of crushed garlic and walnut kernels. Very tasty, not too light, perfect on cooked vegetables.

Vegan mayonnaise

An excellent alternative to the classic egg and oil based sauce that is very good with vegetables, especially if battered and fried. It is prepared by blending with an immersion blender the soy vegetable milk (100 ml) with dellseed oil poured flush (about 130 ml). In order to enrich it with taste and color, eventually they are added a tablespoon of mustard and lemon juice.


A very tasty sauce made from black olives. Prepare it by blending the olives with delloregano, wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Excellent on vegetables, but also on croutons.

Honey sauce

If you like that slightly bittersweet touch on vegetables, try this dressing based on balsamic vinegar and honey. The proportion is a part of honey for three of balsamic vinegar. Then adjust with salt and pepper.

Soy sauce

A condiment similar to the previous one that will appeal to lovers of ethnic flavors is the one based on soy sauce. Enrich it with a teaspoon of honey and a bit of sesame oil and use this sauce to dress a salad with fresh sprouts.

Special green sauce

The classic recipe of green sauce includes parsley, but we offer it with a mix of aromatic herbs to make it even more fragrant. Use of sesame seed oil for an even more aromatic aftertaste.

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