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The young chef from Vicenza arrives at the cinema with a documentary on the Norwegian stockfish. After the Venice Film Festival, appointment now in Vicenza, November 4th

A fish out of water tells the journey, the meetings and the mergers in the kitchen of Lorenzo Cogo Italian starred chef, who leaves for Norway with a troupe in search of the origin of one of the most appreciated historical ingredients in Italy: the stockfish. In Norway Lorenzo Cogo is hosted by a group of fishermen from the island of Røst, in the Lofoten archipelago. Here he learns the origins of stockfish and what is the secret that brought this fish into the tables of Italian cuisine over 500 years ago and understands the importance of supporting local producers by giving new life to traditional ingredients. Thus, together with a starred chef from Oslo, Mikael Svensson, they are committed to keeping the stockfish tradition alive by creating new recipes. The essence of a recipe is not only in the flavor or in the ingredients it is made of, but it comes from the journey that is undertaken to create it, from the people who meet along the way and from the discovery of new ingredients and cultures.

Appointment November 4 in Vicenza

The documentary produced by Wannaboo in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Lorenzo Cogo was officially presented during Lido di Venezia in the Veneto Region space, within the program of the 76th Venice International Film Festival. Now it will be previewed in the city of Vicenza on Monday 4 November at 20.30 at the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza (a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support the cultural association Pigafetta 500. Click to buy the ticket.

Lorenzo Cogo, the enfant prodige

Born in 1986, he was the youngest Starred Chef in Italy for three years. "Nomen omen" and third-generation chef, after five years of working in the best restaurants in the world, returns to his homeland and opens at only 24 years the restaurant El Coq in Marano Vicentino. After only one year he won his first Michelin Star and gained support and admiration from his colleagues. In July 2016, after 5 years in the countryside of the province, El Coq moved to Vicenza, in the prestigious Caffè Garibaldi, where, in addition to the gastronomic restaurant, he developed a place that lives the day of the city, from pastry to lunch, to at dinner with gourmet grill and ice cream parlor.

Mikael Svensson: the other chef

Mikael Svensson, chef patron of the Kontrast restaurant in Oslo in his restaurant, practices a local cuisine based on local and seasonal ingredients, comparing the knowledge of traditional Scandinavian cuisine with experiences from around the world. Born and raised in Sweden, where he learned the basics of traditional Nordic cuisine, after his studies he worked first in Sweden, then in Oslo, later among the best star signs throughout Europe, including those of Quique Dacosta and Martin Berasategui. Returning to Norway, after some experience as assistant chef, he opened his first restaurant, Kontrast: his modern Nordic cuisine, based on local ingredients, respect for tradition and strong restaurant ethics, earned him a Michelin star, won in 2016. His gaze is attentive to the ethics of catering, the origin of products and respect for traditions, combined with an openness to international influences.

InFusion, the event dinner with both of you

On 5 and 6 November the appointment with Infusion, the gastronomic experiment conceived by Lorenzo Cogo, patron of the starred restaurant El Coq in Vicenza, in collaboration with Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino, to reflect on the kitchen as an opportunity for sharing, comparison and encounter between different cultures. After the first two stages involving the Japanese Yasuhiro Fujio and the Turkish Maksut Askar, the third appointment will see just the Swedish Mikael Svensson. Appointment, therefore, on 5 and 6 November at 20.00 at the El Coq restaurant in Vicenza, with the two talented chefs engaged in creating unique dishes and limited editions, for an evening in which friendship, creativity and good humor will join the story of traditions and ingredients in an exciting journey between Italy and distant lands.

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