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Light recipes with meringue

Light, white, crisp and sweet. How to say no to meringue? Here are meringues, tarts and sweets that play with taste and textures

Sugar and egg white: magic is served! Once the egg whites are whipped, just add the sugar and continue whipping until the mixture is shiny and firm. At this point, it can be used to create small tufts of meringues thanks to a pastry bag and a long oven cooking at low temperature (4-5 hours at 50 °), meringue desserts using the grill, or create bases and layers for cakes and semifreddo inspired by the great pastry.

In addition to its delicate taste, in fact, meringue is loved in pastry for its ability to divide the layers of large cakes lightly, often acting as a base for semifreddo and desserts rich in creams and jellies. The general advice is to prepare it well in advance, so that it can best contain any type of filling without absorbing it.

To savor it in all its textures, the recipes are perfect: creative meringue, meringue vol-au-vent, meringue com lemon curd and berries, meringues alla cream with berries, meringue al mapo, meringue balls with the three sorbets, meringues and hazelnut ice cream, frost of watermelon with figs and meringues, tart with orange curd and golden meringue, currant semifreddo and meringue, scented ice cream with rose and meringues, meringue al chocolate and pomegranate, meringue al nougat and coffee, hazelnut meringues, Lemon pie meringue, balls of ricotta cheese, meringue and coffee sauce, strawberry meringue tart, Strawberry Meringue, browsed with cream, strawberries and meringues, meringues on smoothies mango and raspberries, black ganache and meringues, soft meringues, strawberries with meringue, warm meringue, meringue peach tart, meringue tart with mangosteen cream, meringue al semifreddo of figs, meringue ricotta zuccotti, meringue at peaches in syrup, tartlets with wild strawberries and soft meringue, exotic ice cream in the meringue, baskets, cream and black fruits, pastry, pomegranate jelly and burnt meringue, chocolate tart with meringue, meringue with tropical fruits, meringue crepes, cocoa meringues with grapefruit sorbet, meringue basket with coconut chantilly and coconut meringue.

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