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Let's free up the spaces! 10 tips for tidying up (even in the kitchen)

Because freeing ourselves from the superfluous allows us to make room for what makes us happy. Three moves and a handbook are enough to take inspiration

During the lockdown we had cleaned the whole house, we had got rid of the superfluous, cabinets and drawers were perfect, but once we got back to the routine, the chaos took over our house (and our everyday life). This is not necessarily negative: a quote says that "chaos generates life, where order generates habit". But if this is sometimes true, it is also often true tidying up the house (and not only) it can help us to put order in our life too.

How and why to free up spaces

In other words, it's good to get rid of what we don't need it for have more space for what makes us happy. With this idea, Ikea launched the first movement of Liberation of Spaces proposing a change based on three pillars of order, namely Decluttering, Organizing and Displaying. Getting rid of clutter and what is no longer needed, giving objects a second life from a circular economy perspective, is the first step to find space for new memories and for what makes us happy. We then move on to tidying up, creating a space where you can find everything exactly when you need it: green light for labels, boxes and everything that allows you to leave nothing to chaos. The final touch, displaying, then allows us to show the objects that make a house our home. Therefore, rethinking spaces becomes a need to live better, especially now that we are forced to stay indoors for a long time again. So let's get to work, maybe starting from kitchen: optimization, organization, but also creativity are needed.

10 tips for tidying up

Any advice to get started? Here is the decalogue of Manifesto of the Movement for the Liberation of Spaces designed by Ikea in a playful and ironic tone. The last point is what we like best!

1. If nothing is upside down in the house, everything will be fine. Yes, even on Monday morning.

2. Get rid of what you don't need: you will have more space for what makes you happy.

3. Give a second life to what you don't use. So, you are good for the planet!

4. Labels are your best friends.

5. Do not leave anything to chaos, not even the wardrobe.

6. Remember: if the order reigns supreme, live like a king.

7. Keep everything you care about in plain sight. Not really everything, everything …

8. Plan your way, perhaps by color.

9. Say goodnight to clutter: you will have better dreams.

10. Order everything and then reward yourself with a box. Yes, but say cookies.

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