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Leonardo da Vinci: exhibitions not to be missed in Italy

On the occasion of the fifth centenary of his death, Leonardo da Vinci is the protagonist of numerous exhibitions in Italy. We celebrate his genius through the most interesting exhibitions in Milan, Turin, Venice, Rome, Florence and (of course) Vinci

2019 is the year of Leonardo da Vinci: We celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of the Tuscan genius who gave Italy and the whole world an infinity of discoveries, ideas, works of art and much more. A man of rare intelligence and universal talent, Leonardo fully embodies the spirit of the Renaissance era, expressing himself in multiple fields without limits or inhibitions, from architecture to sculpture, from anatomy to music to painting and then again and again.

The legacy of the multifaceted artist and enlightened thinker is an integral part of our history and it is exciting to be able to rediscover his yesterday's genius in today's contemporary world. Almost like a kind of Back to the Future, the possibility is offered to us in the form of exhibitions in different Italian cities, Milan, Turin, Venice, Rome, Florence and naturally) Vinci, and the journey through the centuries is ready to be lived.


Leonardo. The machine of imagination
Curated by Treccani and Studio Azzurro with the support of Arthemisia, this exhibition creates a stimulating interactive multimedia story between light and words allowing a sort of dialogue with Leonardo's thought. Scanned by seven installations, five of which are interactive, the exhibition is divided into sections that recall the artist's fields of work: The Observations on Nature, the City, the Landscape, Machines of Peace, Machines of War, The Anatomical Table , Painting.
Where is it: Palazzo Reale, piazza del Duomo 12, Milan
When: until July 14th
Timetables: Monday 2.30pm / 7.30pm Tuesday Wednesday Friday Sunday 9.30am / 9.30am Thursday Saturday 9.30am / 10.30pm
Tickets: full price € 12 – reduced € 10 – for other rates here

Leonardo & Warhol in Milan. The genius experience
Unmissable immersive experience with an innovative and surprising cut that leads to experiencing art in a six-century itinerary through highly suggestive images from Milan experienced, designed and imagined by Leonardo da Vinci up to the vision of The Last Supper by Andy Warhol, the work with which in 1986 the father of Pop Art reinterpreted the Leonardo masterpiece. An ideal experience for those who love art without time or space boundaries, rather unpredictable as its protagonists and their extraordinary creations. In addition to the Workshops for Children, Aperitif on the Show and Dinner at the Museum are two other possibilities to experience the encounter with art in a totally new and special way – of course it is necessary to book in advance from the official site.
Where is it: Crypt of San Sepolcro, Piazza San Sepolcro, Milan
When: until June 30, 2019
Timetables: from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00
Tickets: full price € 12 – reduced € 10 – for other rates here

Leonardo da Vinci in 3D
The organizers promise a multisensory and multidisciplinary journey into the extraordinary mind of Leonardo da Vinci's Renaissance genius between augmented reality, holograms and immersive paths. Undoubtedly this will be a revolutionary and futuristic exhibition that goes to unhinge the traditional boundaries, challenging laws of physics, time and space for a futuristic experience perfectly in line with the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci – they will even come to life on the walls of the Cathedral also the Christ and the apostles of the Cenacle are born. An exhibition unique in its kind and out of the ordinary, just like the artist to whom it is dedicated.
Where is it: Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, Milan
When: from May 30th to September 22nd 2019
Timetables: Monday 15/21 Tuesday Wednesday 10.30 / 21 Thursday 10.30 / 23 Friday Saturday 10.30 / 22 Sunday 10.30 / 21
Tickets: full price € 14 – reduced € 12 – for all rates here

The secrets of the Atlantic Code. Leonardo at the Ambrosiana
The Municipality of Milan has chosen to dedicate the metro stop to Leonardo da Vinci, renaming it "Cordusio – Biblioteca Ambrosiana". Moreover, the Ambrosiana contains the heart and the brain of the Tuscan genius in the Codex Atlanticus, a must see to fully understand its incredible work. Until June 16, the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan hosts the second part of the exhibition in which 23 sheets of the Codex Atlanticus are exposed, in other words incredible projects for war machines and, in particular, civil engineering studies, part of the real Leonardo's treasure ”Dell'Ambrosiana, able to trace the career of the artist in its almost totality, from the Florentine youth, until the last period spent in France in the service of Francis I. The Leonardo's year of the Ambrosiana will then continue with the exhibition Leonardo in France. Drawings from the French era from the Atlantic Code curated by Pietro C. Marani (18 June – 15 September 2019) which will focus on the master's last years, and will end with an exhibition Leonardo and his legacy: artists and techniques, curated by Benedetta Spadaccini (17 September 2018 – 12 January 2020) dedicated to the drawings made by Leonardo and the artists of his circle.
Where is it: Veneranda Ambrosiana Library, Piazza Pio XI 2, Milan
When: until 16 June 2019
Timetables: from Tuesday to Sunday 10/18
Tickets: Full price € 15 – reduced € 10 – for all rates here


Leonardo da Vinci. Design the future
The famous Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci kept in safety vault of the Royal Library becomes the protagonist of the Turin exhibition together with the collection of 13 autograph drawings, purchased in 1839 by Carlo Alberto, and by the Code on the Flight of the Birds, given to the Library of Piazza Castello in 1893. In all, 50 works are told that tell Leonardo's research, not only in the artistic field, but also in the scientific field. If this were not enough, you can also admire numerous works by various other artists, including Michelangelo, Raphael and Rembrandt.
Where is it: Royal Museums, piazzetta Reale 1, Turin
When: until 14 July 2019
Timetables: from Tuesday to Sunday: from 8.30 to 19.30
Tickets: full price € 15 – reduced € 10 – for all rates here


Leonardo da Vinci. The model man of the world
The emotion of being able to admire theVitruvian Man, symbol of classical perfection of body and mind, in original version it is priceless. Not only: the Venetian museum offers a highly suggestive journey through more than seventy works in total, of which as many as thirty-five autographs by Leonardo. From scientific research with studies of proportion of the human body to botany, to mechanics or physics, even to the preparatory phase of some paintings celebrate the Battle of Anghiari or the Sant’Anna with the Virgin and Child, the exhibition shows the essential steps of Leonardo's creative life through his graphic examples and those of his pupils or followers.
Where is it: Accademia Galleries, Campo della Carità, Dorsoduro 1050, Venice
When: until 14 July 2019
Timetables: Monday 8.15 / 14 from Tuesday to Sunday 8.15 / 19.15
Tickets: full price € 15 – reduced € 10 – for all rates here


Leonardo da Vinci and Florence. Sheets chosen from the Atlantic Code
Leonardo da Vinci brought his creative genius to many cities, from Milan to Rome, from Venice to Amboise in France. But Florence is his place of election, where he was formed and performed extraordinary works. This exhibition in fact brings its focus on the very close relationship between Leonardo and his "own" city through twelve sheets chosen from the corpus of the Atlantic Code, coming from the Ambrosian Library in Milan. An opportunity also to admire the painting Bust of the Redeemer attributed to Gian Giacomo Caprotti, known as il Salaino, one of Leonardo's personal assistants during his Florentine stays in the early 16th century.
Where is it: Palazzo Vecchio, Sala dei Gigli, piazza della Signoria, Florence
When: until June 24, 2019
Timetables: every day except Thursday 9/23 (Thursday 9/14)
Tickets: full price € 16.50 – reduced € 13.20 – for all rates here

Leonardo a Vinci. The origins of genius
At about 50 kilometers from Florence, there is Vinci, Leonardo's birthplace, inevitable in the tourist itineraries of lovers of the history of art and beyond. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death, a special exhibition was set up focusing on Leonardo's biographical bond with his native city and on the suggestions that the land of origin offered to his career as an artist, technologist and scientist. We bet chills even in the most serious at the sight of the notarial register of Leonardo's great-grandfather on which, on the last page, his grandfather Antonio da Vinci noted the birth, after that of his sons, of the first nephew, Leonardo, together with the family's land register da Vinci relating to childhood and the artist's early youth. Among the documents loaned by the State Archive of Florence for the exhibition, one can admire the first known drawing made by Leonardo in Vinci, Landscape 8P dated August 5, 1473. Given the journey, do not miss a fundamental stop at Leonardo's birthplace in the town of Anchiano!
Where is it: Leonardian Museum, Piazza dei Guidi, Vinci (FI)
When: until October 15, 2019
Timetables: every day 9/23
Tickets: full price € 13 – reduced € 1 – for all rates here


Leonardo da Vinci. Science before science
The celebrations of the Leonardo genius are not missing, not even the Italian capital, which provides the historic halls of the Scuderie del Quirinale for a 360 ° route, from the Tuscan formation to the Milanese stay, until the late Roman period of the artist. The exhibition is divided into the main themes addressed by Leonardo in terms of technical and humanistic thinking: the development of machines for large construction sites, the use of design and perspective as tools of knowledge and representation, the art of war between tradition and innovation, the yearning of fantastic machines such as those for flight, the passion for the representation of the machine element as such, the creation of solutions in the fields of work and production, reflection on the ideal city and the study of waterways, the rediscovery of the classical world and a reflection on how, over time, the myth of Leonardo was born and developed.
Where is it: Scuderie del Quirinale, via XXIV Maggio 16, Rome
When: until June 30th
Timetables:dto Sunday to Thursday 10/20 venerdì and Saturday 10 / 22.30
Tickets: full price € 15 – reduced € 13 – for all rates here

Note: before going, organize your visit in advance by consulting the websites for updates!

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