Lentil burger – Italian Cuisine

Lentil burger


1) Cook the cous cous following the package directions and let it cool down.

2) Read the lentils with chopped shallots and the grated carrot in vegetable broth, over low heat, until the lentils have absorbed the liquid.

3) Combine a sprinkle of curry, a thread of oil and let it dry over high heat and always stirring. Rule of salt and pepper, join the couscous and egg and mix well.

4) Shape the burgers with the pastry cutter, compact them well and transfer them to the fridge. Cut i sandwiches in half and heat the cut part on the grill for a few seconds. Smear the bases of the sandwiches with the cheese, merge i drained tomatoes and then a coarse chopped of leaves of marjoram with the garlic skinned, a pinch of salt, the almonds is the oil necessary to make it soft.

5) Cook the burgers with a drizzle of oil, browning them on both sides and turning them gently. Put them in sandwiches and serve.

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