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Lemon-free desserts without oven

From the Sicilian tradition to the American one, passing through a great classic to a dessert that can be used in two different ways. Discover how to prepare four summer and citrus desserts

An American saying goes like this: "If life offers you only lemons, make a lemonade". Probably those who coined it did not know how to cook, because they did not think that they could also be used to prepare food lemon desserts without oven, fresh and delicious who know in summer.

Lemon Frost

Lemon frost is a kind of pudding typically Sicilian. Dissolve 90 g of cake starch in 200 ml of lemon juice and 800 ml of water. Also add 250 g of sugar and cook over moderate heat, stirring carefully, until the frost has reached a boil. Continue cooking until a sticky consistency is achieved and then pour the liquid into the serving bowls. Let it cool and then refrigerate for at least four hours or until the frost has the classic consistency of a pudding.

Lemon sorbet

The lemon sorbet it is the most refreshing thing that can exist. To prepare it at home, peel two lemons and cut them into pieces, eliminating any seeds. Blend them with 200 g of sugar and egg white until the mixture begins to whisk. Add at this point also the grated rind of a lemon and – continuing to whisk – 700 g of ice cubes gradually. Serve immediately.
For an even fresher taste, try it add a few basil leaves with the grated rind or correct the sorbet with a goccino of rum.

Yogurt and lemon mousse: double-faced lemon desserts

This mousse is so delicious, but it is divina for stuffing meringues. To prepare it, grate the zest of three lemons and extract the juice. Put juice and zest in a saucepan with 100 ml of water and start to heat over very low heat. Meanwhile, beat three egg yolks with 120 g of sugar and 30 g of rice starch.
When the water and lemon are hot, add 30 g of butter and stir to melt it completely. Pour this liquid flush into the egg, sugar and starch mixture and mix well to avoid lumps.
Put the cream back on the heat and continue cooking until completely thickened. At this point pour it into a bowl and let it cool completely, before adding 250 g of Greek yogurt and 50 g of icing sugar. Let the mousse rest for a couple of hours in the fridge before serving.

Lemon Fudge

The fudge is a sweet american, usually chocolate based. It is served in small squares, almost as if it were a Bon Bon. The lemon variant is perfect for the summer and more is prepared without oven.
To prepare it, melt 475 g of chopped white chocolate with 30 g of butter and 400 g of condensed milk in the microwave or in a bain-marie. When the chocolate is completely melted add the grated lemon juice and zest and pour the mixture into a low and wide baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Let the fudge rest in the refrigerator for a night before cutting it into squares.

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