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»Lemon chicken salad

First of all peel the onion, cut it into thin slices and brown it in a non-stick pan with very little oil, salt and pepper, then let it cool.

In the meantime, wash the lemon well, cut into slices (about 1/2 cm), then blanch the slices for a couple of minutes, finally drain and sauté them in a pan with the sugar to make them slightly caramelize.
Once ready, let them cool on a sheet of parchment paper, separate from each other.

Aside, roast the chicken in a very hot non-stick pan (you can also use a grill pan), cooking it well from both sides (times will vary according to the thickness of the slices: if they are very thin, it will take a couple of minutes per side), then cut it into strips and let this cool too.

When all the elements are ready, put them in a bowl: chicken, lemon, rocket and celery well washed, pitted olives and onion.
Season with salt, pepper and lemon and mix.

The lemon chicken salad is ready, keep it in the fridge until ready to serve it.

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