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Leeks: trouble throwing away the green

Do you always use white bulbs and throw away the green part considering it a space? Absolutely wrong. Here are some recipes to use it to the fullest

Discover that some leeks, in the kitchen, do not throw away (almost) anything it's really amazing. Let's see how to use them green leaves for yours recipes.

That undervalued green

With leeks the general tendency is to use white and throw away the green part. This instead contains a lot of vitamin C and can be used in many recipes. just remove from the leaves only i a few centimeters of the usually woody upper part. The boiled leaves they can be used for sauces, soups or flans. Or simply season with oil and spices for one side dish. The taste is decided but the many fibers present are an excellent remedy to facilitate intestinal transit. Among the greedy possibilities is to make strips with leek leaves and fry them in boiling oil, you will get some fried matches crunchy and tasty.

Recipes with leek green: rolls or omelette?

You have seen in photos or from a friend of the bundles tied with leek leaves? Yes, really beautiful and making them is a breeze. You have to steam the leaves leaving them quite long and once cooked you can use them as real threads to bind your bundles. The green of the leeks can also be used to make some rolls. Wrap for each leaf a whole slice of speck. Then prepare a batter with flour, salt and sparkling water, dip each roll and fry in boiling oil. The rolls with the green of leeks they can also be cooked in the oven, stuffed with a mixture of boiled mashed potatoes and pink pepper. In this case you have to blanch the leaves, prepare a filling with the boiled potato, a cheese you love e pink pepper. Place the filling on one side of the leaf and roll, closing the rolls with a toothpick. Bake in the oven some minutes at 220 ° C. If you want an omelette, you can do that too! Blanch the green part then proceed as you would for any one omelette. If you like you can add to eggs some parmesan, some spice, or matches of speck. The result will make you regret all the leek leaves thrown in the past!

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