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Last minute Valentine's Day: the gift that can not miss – Italian Cuisine

If diamonds are "the best friends of women", the diamonds of the kitchen will certainly keep company with the couples on the most romantic day of the year. This is the definition that Brillat-Savarin gave the truffles in his "Physiology of Taste". Precious and aphrodisiac, they can be found in a thousand shapes and in a thousand variations. They know this well in Urbani Tartufi, a leading company in the sector, which proposes truffles for all tastes. A day spent at home cooking as a couple can be a romantic alternative, and with Urbani products you can make recipes recommended by the Truffle Academy: great classics such as risotto with truffles, to be seasoned with a touch of Gold Urban Truffle, and the soft-boiled egg with Summer Truffle Sauce. And to finish the chocolate truffles, made with chocolates with real truffle.

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