Kitchen horoscope: the signs of Fire – Italian Cuisine

Kitchen horoscope: the signs of Fire

We asked the astrologer to indicate the ideal recipes for the zodiac signs following the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Today we are talking about Aries, Leo and Sagittarius by Fire

In astrology the twelve zodiac signs can also be divided into 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water and 3 signs are included in each of the four elements.
These three signs are therefore linked by similar qualities which then, obviously, each sign develops in its modalities based on the planets that characterize its personality.
When a planet, in
'horoscope of a period, is found to pass in a zodiac sign will be in favor of the other two signs that share with this l'element.
The first element is the Fire, of which they are part
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire indicates determination, courage, warmth and strength. The signs of Fire love strong flavors, even spicy, strong and important, immediate tastes. Red meats, roasts, strong wines. Anything that is tasty is perfect for a Fire sign, which also seeks there in food'immediate and enjoyable satisfaction.
In 2022 the signs of fire will be affected, especially during the hot months, by the favorable transit of Jupiter: from May to October Jupiter will enter Aries and from there it will give joy of life, desire to share and also pleasure for good food to all.
Let us now see how each Fire sign declines the culinary characteristics of its element.

The signs of Fire in the kitchen


L'TOriete loves to bite, so any food that allows him to do so already makes him happy! He loves the straightforwardness of strong and immediate flavors, not particularly elaborate or sophisticated. A grilled meat mixed on the grill with a side dish of vegetables and potatoes is really an excellent compromise. L'TOriete is also the sign that we bind to everything that is primordial both in strength and in passion so it does not love the pleasantries of etiquette and rather prefers the simplicity of family conviviality. This is why I chose the barbecue not only of meat but also of fish and vegetables with many homemade sauces that combine the liveliness of sharing with the naturalness and immediacy of food.


For Leo, the heat of fire is also a desire for visibility: the fire here becomes magnetism and charm. The Lion wants to be admired just as one admires the fire in a fireplace, without being able to look away from it. Therefore, the Lion of food also loves its most fascinating aspect. From oysters to champagne, from'lobster with caviar: everything that is a very high and refined pleasure for Leo is particularly attractive. AND' a mix of gluttony and desire to experience sublime experiences, outside the'ordinary. Here the food is a cuddle and the Lion believes that he has deserved the best: the Lion is the sign of royalty and for this reason also in food he wants the'excellence. It will never be too early for a glass of champagne or a Catalan-style king crab or to give at least a sprinkle of truffle to a simple poached egg.


Of the three Fire signs, Sagittarius is the one that most of all is driven by a thrust of curiosity and intellectual research: we are talking about the traveler of the Zodiac par excellence, always curious to try new things. Obviously this also applies to food, as one of the earliest forms of culture. For this, all that it tastes of the exotic and far away intrigues the Sagittarius who will try it as effortlessly as the turmeric Moroccan skewers or one sautéed vegetables with coriander. The perfumes of'India or North Africa are an elixir for him. Green light therefore to all the spices that can make you feel the scent of travel even in a winter and homemade dish of rice and lentils.

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