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The world JRE Italy, the Association that brings together the best young Italian restaurateurs, meets that of Community of San Patrignano, committed to helping girls and boys with addiction problems. Sanpa's well-known community that has grown so fast since its birth 40 years ago. Right around a table. And it is no coincidence that the young and talented chefs of JRE Italia, our local section of the historic Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe association, gather in an annual congress hosted by San Patrignano.

180527One dinner a month

From January 2020 the project will start "TOGETHER – JRE for San Patrignano": 12 JRE chefs for as many dinners in their respective rooms, the proceeds of which will be used for the daily management of the San Patrignano Community. One dinner every last week of the month, during which the chefs involved will offer a special menu and will provide the restaurant, their time and their skills.

Last but not least, the initiative involves the participation of at least one boy from the community, who will tell his story, proven proof of how food and land can help return to life and teach how the kitchen can become half of culture, union and awareness.

180521Human lives and vines for wine

The interest of the food and wine world for this recovering community, which has become iconic all over the world, is not surprising. Sanpa has long been combining its name with important projects concerning the culture of food and the earth.

Among the many activities born under the aegis of San Patrignano it must be mentioned dutifully Lives, a historic farmhouse and restaurant set in a bright building overlooking the Adriatic. So much so that by now Vite, nomen omen that takes up the vine plant, but also the human lives that involves the project, has become a place for training internships with realities that move within the sphere of "social food".

Good products from the earth

Without neglecting all the food and wine produced by the Community that produces delicious things autonomously, from wine to oil, from cheeses to meats and cured meats, to bread and baked goods, to honeys.

A story of social and entrepreneurial success, punctuated by the entry of the Morattis who have opened to this reality the doors of the big industry and the world that counts, which makes San Patrignano a sui generis community. Enough to sign a haute cuisine project in collaboration with JRE Italia.

180536Good food

Other associations that belong to Sanpa revolve around good food: in fact many Italian and foreign realities find their place here, which, through the production of food, help children to leave behind stories of marginalization.

Among the foreign associations, in addition to those already known from Colombia, Laos, Mexico, Afghanistan and Thailand, there are two Israeli, the Shekulo Tov, which produces candy and sweets, and the Cremisan winery, an integration project in Palestinian land which, in collaboration with oenologist Riccardo Cotarella, produces wines.

A bit of a social enterprise and a bit of a big family

We read on the website that "San Patrignano is a home, a large family that for 40 years has been offering help to young people with drug addiction problems. Founded by Vincenzo Muccioli in 1978, since then it has welcomed over 26,000 people by giving them a home, health and legal assistance, the opportunity to study and learn a profession, to change their lives and fully re-enter society. All free of charge, without charges for the State or for families.

Of the funds needed to manage San Patrignano, half comes from the proceeds realized through San Patrignano goods and services. The rest comes from private donors or companies that believe in the social value of the center ". In short, the recovery model passes through an educational path and Sanpa can be considered a model of social enterprise. The problem then is to leave for these guys, but that's another story. And often it is not even said that they go away.

Personal growth

"This collaboration represents for us JRE not only the opportunity to provide concrete support for such an important reality, which every day carries on this difficult mission – he explains Luca Marchini, president of JRE Italia – but also an opportunity for personal growth. Knowing the Community of San Patrignano, having the chance to see and experience a world up close ".

"The friendship that links us to the Jeunes Restaurateur is a long-standing one," he said Roberto Bezzi, President of the San Patrignano Community – They were the first to enter the community kitchen where together we discovered we belonged to similar values. San Patrignano was born around the table ”. And we must not forget it.

Emanuela Di Pasqua,
December 2019


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