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Joker: what a bad guy eats at the table

"Joker" film is blockbuster. But who really is the Joker man? What suffering marked it? What does it eat?

Emaciated, with a curved back and uncertain gait, disjointed like torments that it hides in the depths, without a layer of makeup that can cover it. This is how it presents itself Joaquin Phoenix's Joker homonymous Todd Phillips movie, the first cine-comic to have won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival which is conquering the highest step of the box office a little everywhere. In the first days of programming, the film earns 93.5 million dollars in the United States alone, while the global collection currently reaches 245.7 million, one of the highest ever recorded so soon after its release at the cinema. And if the debate about whether it is a bluff or a masterpiece is very intense, everyone seems to agree in recognizing Phoenix as an extraordinary talent, an expressive force that manages to represent the mental disorder that the protagonist suffers with a disarming simplicity, which almost puts the chills.

What does the Joker eat?

The character of Arthur Fleck, the failed comedian who aspires to a stand-up comedian career and who will become one of Batman's most bitter enemies, is considered by many to be the villain par excellence, one of the most disturbing and successful presences in the universe of the DC Comics, where it appears for the first time in 1940, when the world was torn apart by war and to Gotham the Dark Knight fought against a sadist with the smeared face who loved to terrorize the innocent. Few villains are so well aesthetically connoted as Joker: green-dyed hair, the purple suit sewn on him and a lopsided smile, which shows the teeth consumed by wear with a certain pride. Of the eating habits of the psychopathic clown, Phillips's film tells us little: Arthur played by Phoenix is ​​incredibly thin, marked by the bruises of beatings and made alive by a nervous laugh that explodes in his mouth like a firecracker. Something more about his favorite foodhowever, the Batman comics from which it is derived tell us. Joker, a stateless person whose society has turned its back to him and who, for this reason, declares war on the system for the sole purpose of no longer feeling an outcast, but a savior, feeds mainly on rubbish, food remnants that drive him to to fuel more out of necessity than a real need to appease hunger pangs.

An eclectic appetite as his personality, which focuses on rotten foods as rotten he feels inside, rejected by those closest to him and animated by a madness that leads him to unleash an unprecedented violence, which does not seem to appeal to any remnant of rationality. Carbohydrates and fats are not part of his diet, even if the yellowed or even missing teeth that we see through his smile suggest that he does not disdain sweets, probably candies. The sugar, in fact, keeps it active, gives it the energy needed to carry out its plans and alert all the active forces of Gotham. Especially since recovering the sweets, especially for a character like Joker, is as easy as drinking a glass of water: obtaining supplies at petrol stations or in suburban stores becomes a delight, a criminal activity like many others, but that is necessary to its sustenance. And it doesn't matter if his body looks dry like a pincushion: an appointment with a dietician is probably the last thing he would need.

Photo: frame taken from the film.

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