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January is not the right month to start the diet

Because the first month of the year is not the right one to lose weight and how to behave here in February, the perfect month to work on your body

The parties are over and you've started to face that terrible feeling of heaviness and swelling. A sentiment confirmed by the figures read on the weight scale that do not seem to want to forgive the excesses of Christmas and New Year and even the stocking that you have emptied for the Befana. How to get out of this situation if not with a diet?
The program is right, but if you're thinking of starting it in January, you're off the road. Here because.

The festive air

Second Andrew Shanahan, the author of the Man VS Fat book, one of the reasons that prevent us from starting to think seriously about our weight loss in January, is the festive air that still breathes. All those little things like doing them happy new year to those who have not yet met or the slow return to the usual rhythms that have not yet been restored, takes us away from the good road, leading us to constantly regret what we have left behind. Including that panettone that we are keeping for San Biagio and continues to tempt us from the dispensation.

The stress

During the winter holidays we relaxed, rediscovered and granted some greedy whim. But now it is time to return to the usual life and this raises stress levels. The work that falls back in our days, the alarm early in the morning and the physical collapse in the evening, not counting the lack of free time. Anxiety, dissatisfaction and the awareness that for the next holidays we will have to wait for the arrival of Easter, still make it more difficult to deprive oneself of the only comfort that never fails in dark times: food.

The cost of training

January is the perfect month to enroll in the gym combined with the diet. But it is also the ideal time to subscribe to season tickets at exorbitant prices without taking advantage of promotions reserved for months when there is less demand such as February.

It takes a period of decompression

It is right and normal to want to run for cover after a period when we have taken alcohol, sweets and fats at will, but it is not necessary to do it abruptly. The month of January is in fact perfect to return to normal giving the possibility to our body (and our weight) to find its way and provide us with a more realistic view of things.

What to do

If you have felt relieved by reading that you do not have to go on a diet right now, do not relax too much. It seems in fact that the ideal month to start your weight loss program is already February. You will use the time that separates you from its beginning for plan, make a preliminary visit from the nutritionist or rely on the diet you had chosen among those of the moment. In this period you will also have to keep strong motivation that prompted you to look for a solution e always keep an eye on your weight. Also avoid overdoing and start reducing the use of salt, sugar and sauces. During the preparation for the diet, you will not have to do themistake to give you all the food you want or you will be facing a steeper climb than you expected.

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