Jamie Oliver's empire collapsed – Italian Cuisine

The English chef's Jamie's Italian chain closes 25 restaurants, leaving about a thousand people at home

Mediterranean imprint and Italian sound were not enough. Jamie Oliver admits his defeat declaring: «I am deeply sorry for this epilogue. I understand how difficult it can be now for staff and suppliers ".
He had a bad air in his business already at the beginning of the year when about 12 restaurants were closed and he invested more than three and a half million pounds to cover the debts of a troubled chain. We are talking about Jamie’s Italian, English restaurants with Italian names that comfort British palates with pasta, pizza, but also bizarre dishes like fried ravioli in rabbiata sauce or chicken with bricks (a sort of Italian-American Parmesan chicken seasoned with Sicilian pesto). Several restaurants scattered around London that are lowering the shutters without hope of reopening.

Among the hypotheses related to the failure of its catering model, based on the experience gained by the Carluccio Cafe’s, there could have been the increasing awareness of consumers. In recent years, in fact, London has seen the birth of several authentically Italian activities that have brought good-quality Neapolitan pizzas and small restaurateurs capable of telling their true Italian character to the city.

THE"Misunderstanding of the Italian sound therefore seems to be too obvious now in a world where gastronomic journeys are within everyone's reach and you just need to take a tour on Instagram to investigate the authenticity of a menu. At the same time, Jamie Oliver is one of the greatest people responsible for the culinary success of Italian cuisine in London ed he was a real trailblazer for those who evidently passed it with a more careful proposal. Will he be able to rise from his ashes like a phoenix?

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