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It's not Christmas without Eggnog: here's how to prepare it

Made from milk, eggs and an alcohol part, it is perfect for winter evenings. If you love Vov and eggnog you can't not try it

A perfect drink for the Christmas evenings to sip hot, in the company of friends, perhaps in front of the crackling fire of a fireplace: it is the eggnog.
It is not the classic Vov as one might imagine, given its appearance and consistency, but it is very reminiscent of it.
Let's see what it is and how it is prepared.

What is eggnog?

It is an Anglo-Saxon drink based on raw eggs – hence the name eggnog – which are then sterilized by the addition of one alcoholic part.
The eggnog should generally be served on its own as it is almost a dessert and is very good almost warm hot, even if someone likes it more cold, perhaps accompanied by small dry pastries, such as the famous buttery English biscuits, the shortbread.
The consistency is similar to that of one eggnog, but it is lighter because inside there are egg whites whipped, or whipped cream, for the sweet tooth.
The peculiarity of this drink is that it should not be prepared using the electric mixer, but simply one hand whisk.

History of eggnogg

The origin of this drink is controversial.
It could come from posset medieval which was based on hot milk, wine and beer and flavored with spices, used as a natural remedy and very effective against ailments.
But according to other sources the eggnogg would derive from theegg'n'grog, a rum-based drink.
Certainly the combination of eggs, milk and alcohol is the basis, but spices and even the alcohol part can vary.
In fact in some recipes we will find bourbon, in others sherry and in others still whiskey.
There nutmeg is its characteristic and the cinnamon may or may not be, depends on taste.

The eggnogg recipe


600 ml of fresh cream
480 ml of whole milk
225 g of sugar
120 ml of Bourbon
half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
nutmeg and cinnamon


Beat the cold egg whites until they fit.
Add the sugar and continue to beat by hand then pour in the egg yolks, vanilla extract, cinnamon and grated nutmeg.
Pour in the fresh whipped cream, always whipping and then the milk.
Finally add the Bourbon.
Refrigerate for a couple of hours and serve cold or heat it in the microwave.

Quick recipe

There is a very easy and fast variant of the original recipe.
Put 8 fresh eggs, 140 g of white sugar, 700 ml of whole milk, 475 ml of fresh liquid cream and 475 ml of rum or brandy in one shaker.
Quickly shake until creamy and serve with grated nutmeg.

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