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Born in Moscow in 89, just when, with the fall of the Berlin wall, the season of gourmand cooking was also opened, Nikita Sergeev he has been enchanted since he was a child by the art of good food. At home she helped Grandma Tamara in her culinary works. In restaurants around the world, along with parents, travelers and gourmets, he tasted sensational dishes. This left him with the desire to make it his own.

178156After graduating in Political Science in Moscow, when he had already elected Porto San Giorgio his home of election (after a thousand holidays he had moved there) fate gave him a hand. The degree in Italy was not valid, it had to change country or profession. In a few weeks the turning point: he looked for a haute cuisine school, he found Alma and in 2103 he had already opened L’Arcade. Only 7 tables for 9 people between kitchen and dining room where you can enjoy pink prawns with fermented vegetable extract, shrimps cooked in the whey, tortina tortelli in broth of baby octopus or grilled eel with sour cream. Fascinated by Italian cuisine that he defines as "balanced and democratic, good for the rich and for the poor", Nikita interprets it with the curiosity of the foreigner who takes nothing for granted, exalting the best of our tradition, without denying small incursions into the native culture: fermented, smoked, macerated and many berries, turnips and mushrooms combined with its magical dishes. Niitidi and decided like him.

178162Gourmet elegance
The restaurantArcade of Porto San Giorgio it is a small temple of good taste, not just palatial. The environment and the furnishings are essential, classic and dreamy, played on cream tones, with white tablecloths, spatulated walls and parquet. On paper, many fresh and typical fish dishes from the Marche, vincisgrassi and moscioli (wild mussels) included (

A volcano of ideas
After an internship at the Al Tramezzo restaurant in Parma, Nikita opened her restaurant in 2013 with a very close-knit brigade, an eclectic menu and a wine list of the highest order. Much effort and exceptional talent have brought him into Jre in 2018 and the opening of the new Banco_12 restaurant inside the Porto San Giorgio market. It's a bit of a bistro, a bit of a shop: you can even find the stuffing for fresh pasta and you can have breakfast there. A more informal place to let people know about their kitchen idea by reviving the old city market and giving more taste to socializing.

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by Silvia Bombelli, photo by Michele Tabozzi
on Sale & Pepe in September 2019

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