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A Tokyo cafe launches a vegan burger dedicated to cherry blossoms, a special spring edition that has quickly become a trend on Instagram

For some years now, healthy and beautiful food, preferably colored and plant-based, has been invading the message boards of our Instagram accounts. On top of food trends we find seasonal fashions, including the well-known avocado bar and the so-called unicorn food, as well as limited-edition products to eat, photograph and share on social networks in a short space of time. To connect the dots of all these trends, for example, there was a cafe in Tokyo, the Botanist Café, which recently had the brilliant idea of ​​launching a new vegan burger really special. This burger, in fact, is not only 100% vegan, rich and tasty but also colored, "instagrammabile"But above all it is one spring limited edition dedicated to the beloved cherry blossoms.

The pink vegan burger that conquered Tokyo (and Instagram)

The merit of this gastronomic delight goes to Botanist Café, a cafe in Tokyo located on the first floor of a well-known beauty shop specialized in natural and vegetable-based beauty products. Likewise the cafeteria vegan and vegetariana promotes the use of superfoods and fresh ingredients and offers original seasonal menus. On the occasion of spring and time celebrated cherry blossom (sakura), the restaurant has decided to amaze its customers with a new one pink bun, almost too good to eat. This vegan burger, called precisely Sakura Burger, is a tribute to cherry blossoms (hanami) and is characterized by a candy-pink colored sandwich naturally with sweet potatoes, with a burger based on soya and fresh vegetables, vegan cheese and a purple beet sauce, the latter a colorful and spring touch. In conclusion, a well-designed sandwich that leverages colors, emotions and traditions from the announced media success.

Millennial pink meets Japanese spring

The pink color, long associated with the Millennial generation, in Japan refers mainly to the delicacy of cherry blossoms, considered a symbol of spring but also of happiness and well-being. Well, besides the Sakura Burger the Botanist Café he dyed his entire spring menu pink. To the delight of the customers of the place, and for the fans of Instagram and food porn, this thematic gastronomic selection includes other pink, vegan, natural and gluten-free dishes. Among these limited edition dishes we find the Spring Bloom Pasta, or linguine seasoned with various vegetables including mushrooms and bamboo shoots, balsamic vinegar and strawberries, and the inevitable Buddha Bowl which includes a mix of rice grain and quinoa, a vegan curry made from soy and slices of pink radishes.
The Sakura menu is then completed with some sweet selections, including one cherry vegan smoothie it's a Waffle sprinkled with apple compote, fruit, cinnamon and pink flowers.

All that remains is to wait for the next gastronomic initiative dedicated to nature, wellbeing, cruelty free food and that touch of pastel color so popular on Instagram and much loved by the supporters of foodporn.

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