In Sweden you can taste the legendary Nobel ice cream – Italian Cuisine

In Sweden you can taste the legendary Nobel ice cream

Only at the bistro of the Nobel Museum in Stockholm you can taste the Nobel Ice Cream, inspired by an old tradition of the famous award

The legendary dessert that was served at the banquet of the Nobel Prize ceremony, nicknamed Nobel Ice Cream, has been recreated with mastery and is now available exclusively at the Nobel Bistro, the cafeteria of the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm. It is a delicious opportunity, in every sense, to relive in all respects the glamor of the Nobel Prize and to unleash the taste buds with a really special ice cream.

The tradition of Nobel Prize ice cream

In 1976, during the gala dinner for the Nobel Prize, a dessert was created for the occasion and dubbed the Nobel Ice Cream. It was served to the guests of every Noble Banquet until 1998, cheering for years the celebrations of all those who were awarded the prestigious award. The dessert, then, had a singular bomb shape and consisted of layers of ice cream and fruit sorbet, with combinations of flavors such as vanilla-raspberry and passion fruit-pineapple, all covered with cotton candy and accompanied by an edible decoration in the shape of "N". To make the moment of dessert even more spectacular, the ice creams were served at the tables by a parade of waiters on trays with attached streamers.

The Nobel Ice Cream today

Currently the famous ice cream is part of the Bistro Nobel menu, inside the Nobel Museum (Nobelmuseet) of Stockholm, inaugurated in 2001 on the occasion of the centenary of the Nobel Prize. The revisited and scenographic version, on sale only and exclusively here, is composed of one "Bomb" of vanilla ice cream, decorated with ice cream with camember or arctic raspberry. The sweet vanilla goes perfectly with the wild and delicious taste of wild berries, sweet but characterized by an astringent note. The Nobel Ice Cream is served, as usual, directly at the table, and in the dish, in addition to ice cream, there is a garnish of fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries and alkekengi) or cotton candy, to which is added the true novelty of plate: one Alfred Nobel coin of chocolate, symbol of the organization of the Nobel Prize and of the museum itself.

Photo: Nobel Ice Cream (Nobel Museum Facebook)

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