In Palazzolo Acreide, in Sicily, for Vicoli & Sapori – Italian Cuisine

In Palazzolo Acreide, in Sicily, for Vicoli & Sapori

On 27/28 July Vicoli & Sapori returns to Palazzolo Acreide. Let's find out what's new in 2019

Every year the golden triangle of Sicily – between the provinces of Ragusa and Syracuse – is the preferred destination for the holidays of many Italians and foreigners, attracted not only by the crystal-clear sea and the beaches of fine sand, but also by an inland that offers dreamlike landscapes. The advice is to visit on the road the iblea countryside, with its white dry-stone walls, and then stop in the famous baroque cities: Ibla, Noto, Modica and Scicli, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Palazzolo Acreide

Outside the usual routes beaten by hit and run tourism Palazzolo Acreide. We are in a Sicily of ancient charm, to be visited slowly. Set in the monti Iblei, the town founded by the Greeks is (without reason) the least known of the baroque capitals. The beauty of its medieval quarters and the concentration of baroque buildings and churches have earned it the title of Most Beautiful Village in Italy. Among the reasons that attract visitors to Palazzolo Acreide there is a gastronomic offer of excellence that, despite what one might think in Sicily, is a mountain cuisine. Typical products are in fact: the traditional sausage of Sicilian black pig – protected by Slow Food – whose history dates back more than 2600 years ago, when Akrai it was built in 664-663 BC from the Syracusan Corinthians; the Red pepper; the wild fennel dried in the air; the red wine from the Val di Noto and the prized truffle, nicknamed the black gold of Palazzolo Acreide, which grows in the forests of the ibleo plateau, characterized by soils of limestone and a humid climate.

The association

In 2017 seven restaurateurs decided to join forces and create the association Alleys & Flavors. A well-established group with the aim of promoting the image of Palazzolo Acreide in the world, focusing entirely on the rich wine-and-food field and the typical recipes of the territory that can be enjoyed all year round in the restaurants participating in the association. The following are part of it: The Scrigno dei Sapori, La Corte di Eolo, La Taverna di Bacco, Andrea, Settecento Restaurant, Agriturismo Giannavì and Trattoria del Gallo. Vicoli & Sapori is a veritable hotbed of ideas and a place of confrontation and growth, in a continuous dialogue between the founding members and the institutions present in the city, from the administrations to the schools, up to the associations engaged in the protection and promotion of products. excellence as Slow Food or the AIS.

Vicoli & Sapori – 27/28 July 2019

Among the initiatives conceived by the association there is the homonymous event, which reached its fourth edition this year and organized, as usual, in the last weekend of July. Two evenings (starting at 7pm) that attract many tourists each year, eager to discover the narrow streets of the baroque town and the night-time atmosphere of the village, trying out the chef's recipes. Alleys & Flavors can be defined as the food experience of Palazzolo Acreide, that is a story of synergy between chefs who have chosen to tell their territory through the kitchen. "This year," says the president of the association, Paolo Didomenico, "We aimed at new alleys, to discover and admire Palazzolo Acreide from other angles. This is the medieval quarter of San Paolo: the route starts from the church of San Paolo, climbs up to the Castle and then descends for a short distance. Along the way they will meet seven stations, as many as there are members of the association, together with those of wine producers, plus other agri-food companies . Now all you have to do is pack your bags and leave for Sicily.

For information and details visit the Facebook page of Vicoli & Sapori.

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