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In Milan water bottles as a gift for elementary and middle school children, the idea of ​​Beppe Sala

Less than two weeks before the start of the school, the news of a "precious" gift waiting for them on their return arrived for all children enrolled in primary and secondary schools in Milan. This was announced on his Instagram profile Mayor Beppe Sala, making himself proud with two aluminum flasks in his hands. Here it is gift for the 100,000 elementary and middle school children in Milan: an aluminum water bottle to strongly reaffirm that Milan is becoming increasingly plastic free. And what is more sensible than starting from them, from children, to convey the message that a world without plastic is possible, with the effort of everyone and with small but important new habits to be acquired?

In September, therefore, 100,000 children (60,000 enrolled in the primary school and 40,000 in the lower secondary school) will be distributed as many aluminum water bottles, probably bearing the logo of one of the participating companies that the Mayor Sala is involving in the project (A2A or Mm). Thus the Mayor of Milan announced and explained this initiative on the pages of the Republic: "To set a good example we will start with our subsidiaries and public services. And we will also do symbolic actions that will help to reflect: the City will give all the girls and the children of the elementary schools, and the boys of the middle schools, on their return to school, an aluminum flask to mark our will to fight the plastic. We need signals and, above all, examples ".

We need signals, and examples. All parents know that they learn quickly how much their children learn more from their gestures than from their words. And even Beppe Sala (and the municipal administration) knows this very well and has realized how fundamental it can be to teach children a reduce the use of plastic in favor of a healthier and more livable environment.

And then in Milan the mayor's water is good and controlled, what better way to carry it around in the "mayor's bottle"?

The first step has been taken, now we are waiting for the next projects of respect and care for the environment that Milan intends to launch to be able to tell them and who knows, to hope that they can be "signs and examples" also for other Italian cities and beyond.

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