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In a disused factory the District of Taste of Brianza is born

An abandoned textile production becomes a gastronomic attraction. It is the story of the former Formenti factory in Carate Brianza and of the newborn District of Taste

In Piazza Risorgimento, a Carate Brianza, in the industrial buildings of theformer Formenti factory, once occupied by the production of weaving machines, over the years various activities have spontaneously established themselves which have given new life to these characteristic spaces, all activities – in one case – from food. From this randomness, last June, a reasoned project of collaboration and sharing was developed, the Taste District.

Craftsmen of taste

Overcoming the existing gates of the former factory they meet beforeOsteria il Bardo, then roasting Caffè del Borgo, then the Bar Brig and the Menaresta craft brewery. A little further on is another craft brewery, Gaia Beer, the production of chocolate and fruit juices of Marco Colzani, the hamburgeria Mystic Burger, finally the didactic pastry The Good of In-Presa and the educational restaurant Saporinmente of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Hotel Institute.

District and synergies

With the Taste District, the will of these activities is to create a point of reference and aggregation where to organize activities and events, as well as to activate one exchange of synergies between producers and restaurateurs. This is how the Gaia brewery started producing a special beer designed and created by Don Gnocchi's students; that the Saporinmente restaurant has begun to serve its guests the coffee produced by the Caffè del Borgo roasting plant; that the desserts of the Il Buono di In-Presa educational pastry are accompanied by Marco Colzani's juices; while Mystic Burger hamburgers can be tasted with Menaresta beer. And this is only the beginning!

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