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If there is frost on the frozen food box?

Ice, frost, ruined boxes: what to pay attention to in order to choose the best frozen products to buy

In recent years, attention has increased towards an increasingly healthy, balanced, selected and safe diet from a health and hygiene point of view. When it comes to frozen foods, are you really able to choose the best products? In the past it was believed that nothing could compete with the characteristics of fresh products, but modern technologies and the cold chain allow you to eat healthy meals simply by relying on frozen products.

In addition to being practical, frozen foods are an excellent alternative as they maintain the organoleptic properties of the foods themselves. We must remember, however, of treat frozen products carefully and make sure the supermarket does the same. So what are the guidelines for choosing the right products? Gourmet Italia, a Dr. Schär Group company specializing in the production of frozen ready meals, highlights two fundamental aspects to pay attention to when buying a frozen product.

If there is frost, it is ok

The frost on the packaging is nothing alarming. It is due to a simple temperature change from very low to a slightly higher one which causes a slight sublimation of the liquids and the formation of frost.

If there is ice, it is not a good thing

On the other hand, if you notice ice, it means that there has been an interruption in the cold chain and therefore a potential proliferation of microbes. In this case the product is no longer in optimal conditions.

Only intact packaging

At the time of purchase, you must also check the packaging, which must be intact and well closed, must not show cuts or tears. If the packaging is wet, or appears to have been wet, avoid purchasing.

Last in the cart

To preserve the characteristics that distinguish them, frozen foods must remain at a constant temperature of – 18 °. For this reason, they must be purchased last and, if the journey home is long or the season is hot, it is useful to store them in the fridge bags in order to avoid rising temperatures during transport home. Once you get home, place them immediately in the freezer and, if a product is partially defrosted, it is better to consume it in a few days by keeping it in the fridge.



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