Ideas for Christmas appetizers with salmon – Italian Cuisine

Ideas for Christmas appetizers with salmon

There are few foods that make the party atmosphere feel like smoked salmon. Discover our recipes to prepare canapes that will satisfy both those who love traditional tastes and those who prefer the more exotic ones

Our peninsula is characterized by an infinite number of local Christmas gastronomic traditions, but there is one thing that unites Italy from north to south like even Garibaldi: the Christmas appetizers with salmon. Here are several ideas for the tartine to be served on the evening of Christmas Eve or during lunch on the 25th which will satisfy all the guests.

Christmas appetizers with salmon: endless ideas for canapés

For lunch or Christmas dinner, fish is one of the widely used ingredients. Salmon is one of them! There are endless recipes for cooking this product, we offer a few to be taken absolutely on your tables

Christmas appetizers with salmon: classic canapes

The classic provides for rye bread or crusty bread toasted, lightly buttered and then stuffed with del smoked salmon and a very thin one lemon slice. To vary a little from the basic version, play with citrus fruits – an orange slice or a mandarin segment – or replace the lemon with some capers or a chopped pickled gherkins. Also fresh grated ginger or a few thin slices of Tropea onion they are perfect combinations, loved by those who prefer strong flavors.

Christmas salmon appetizers for those who love exotic tastes

Choose the tartine you prefer (bread, seed crackers, rye cracker …) and fill it with a roll made with a slice of smoked salmon and a mango wedge or avocado (in this case remember to wet the exotic fruit with lemon juice so as not to blacken it). In which tropical island are you imagining yourself?

Salmon and dill and salmon and eggs: guaranteed success

Among the Christmas appetizers with salmon, canapes stuffed with salmon and a mayonnaise enriched with mustard and dill. Another unbeatable pair is the combination with eggs: soft toasted brioche bread and then seasoned with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon strips they are ideal for Christmas lunch, giving them the air of a star and stripes brunch.

Canapes to make all diners happy

For those who cannot give up cheeses, spread on rye bread canapés fresh goat cheese and then lay a slice of salmon on it. Also good toasted natural leavened bread and then stuffed with salmon and crumbled feta will make dairy lovers happy. If you want a fresh and light taste, prepare canapés without bread: basic cucumber slices with capers and salmon. And finally, how to use them vegetable creams which are often found in Christmas baskets: that of leeks or artichokes is very good with salmon.

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