Ice cream cake with wafers – Italian Cuisine

»Ice cream cake with wafers

Melt butter and chocolate in a bain-marie, crumble 200 g of wafer (the rest will be needed at the time of assembly) and mix the 3 ingredients to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Create a sausage a little shorter than the mold, mash it lightly, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it solidify for 30 minutes in the freezer.

Meanwhile, whip the mascarpone with the well chilled cream of the fridge, then add the sugar first and then the Rossana cream.

Line the mold with plastic wrap, then pour in 2/3 of the mixture and level.
Place the wafer sausage in the center and cover it with the remaining mascarpone mixture.
Add a layer made with preserved wafers, then let it rest in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

Finally, flip the ice cream cake with wafers onto a serving dish, remove the foil, decorate with cocoa and serve.

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