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Not only near the stove: the new extractors help us to breathe better between the walls of the whole house. Accompanying futuristic technologies and design. An expert reveals the things to do (and those to avoid) to make the best use of them

Hotels and tourist facilities now put it as a plus, such as room service or the concierge: let's talk about air purifiers. Fight thepollution within the walls of the house seems to be a healthy trend starting from the kitchen. In fact, many do not know that it is among the most polluted rooms in the house. Ironically, it is also one of the most used. To lighten the atmosphere there is a solution and it's called cooker hood. Many use them only to eliminate annoying odors, perhaps after preparation has already been carried out (after a fry or when we inadvertently burned something). Yet the latest generation models go much further. We talked about it with Serena Sorana, Brand and Communication manager of Faber, a company based in Fabriano in the Marche region (part of the Franke group since 2005), creator in 1955 of the first kitchen hood.

Serena Sorana

"In this historical period we spend a lot of time at home," he begins Serena Sorana "For this reason, maintaining an environment as clean as possible, in terms of air quality, is something that is increasingly being sought, also because 1 in 5 Italians has allergy or asthma problems. There are many "invisible" pitfalls: 70% of people, for example, find they have mold in their crates and do not imagine that a few gestures are enough to improve the situation ".

Which ones are they?
«In the meantime, ventilate by simply opening the windows and turning on the hood at least 5 minutes before cooking, and not after. In reality many use the hood only for light and to eliminate odors they open the window: unfortunately there is little awareness of the great usefulness of a good hood, but also on other aspects that influence the quality of the air we breathe within the walls home".

"The most common detergents used to clean the surfaces of the stove area, for example, in contact with the flame or the heat of the plates, make volatile harmful substances for our body, which we inadvertently inhale".

How to orient oneself in choosing a hood?
«There are filtering and aspiring ones. The aspirating ones are those connected to an air tube that discharges to the outside, usually equipped with filters that must be washed frequently. The filters are those hoods that in addition to having an anti-grease filter, also have a carbon filter: in this case the air is cleaned and is returned to the interior of the apartment. Usually every tot must be changed, depending on the type .

Other precautions?
«Maintenance is also important: the hood filters return to new simply by washing them. Faber has also promoted on several occasions promotional activities for a free check up of the hood, which have always been highly appreciated by consumers. Today we guide people online through an active blog on our site that I recommend to everyone. In addition, we purchase a kit to keep them clean ".

What functions do the latest generation hoods have?
"A great many: in the meantime they are eco-sustainable, low consumption and offer performances worthy of an air purifier. At the end of the year we will put on the market a product, presented as a prototype during the Salone del Mobile in Milan two years ago called K-Air. It has a flat shape like that of a monitor or a TV and is distinguished by the presence of sensors that allow you to monitor pollution inside the whole house. We have used to make it a technology designed for space stations, modulating it on domestic needs and scaling it in size to make it suitable for our kitchens. Report the quality of the air with graphics and colors, then purify the environment automatically. You can use it in connection with the hob or program it remotely from your mobile phone, through an app. In the future I foresee more and more going towards low energy lines and towards hobs with integrated extraction, such as our Galileo, equipped with interesting solutions such as waterproof technology that guarantees operation and safety even in the event of spills. liquids on the hob, which do not interfere with cooking and are collected in a compartment. Increasing attention will also be paid to the materials – the Fenix ​​Ó for example, which we use for the Soft Line range is anti-fingerprint and cleanable in a moment – and to the noise level which today is reduced by more than 60% compared to traditional hoods .

What sizes can be purified by using the hood?
"Theoretically surfaces of all sizes: as long as the hood is proportionate to the size of the home environment and the more or less frequent use of the kitchen".

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