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Pencils, markers and sheets of paper can be a nice and instructive diversion for the little ones, in these days of forced isolation. And once the fruit is drawn, let's eat it!

On long days without the possibility of going out, entertaining i children it is indeed an arduous task. After the board games, the mask theater, the biscuits prepared together, the game play, what can be done to commit the time that never seems to pass? A nice idea that will take you a few hours could be that of teach your children to draw. What, you say? Fruit, for example, a way to make it look more familiar!

Drawing helps emotional development

Drawing is not only a playful activity, but a way to increase self-esteem of the little ones and for help their emotional and cognitive development. With pen and paper children will learn to become aware of the world around them and you parents will have the opportunity to increase, with your approval, the consideration they have for themselves, making them become more confident.

How to learn to draw

A nice exercise that you can propose is the live drawing since we all always have some fruit at home: put a nice basket on your table, fill it with all the fresh and seasonal fruit that you can find in this period, such as apples, bananas, kiwis, pears and let it be observed carefully by your children. Then, helping you (for some) with geometric figures, for others with curved and elongated shapes, trace the profile before the basket (a semicircle), then, one at a time, of the fruits that you will have placed inside. Help them to define well the contours of each single drawing and then to color them with different colors. In this way, the little ones will become familiar with the different fruits, they will learn their names, colors and shapes. And maybe even the taste if, after drawing the fruit, we eat it for snack!

Fruit designs to copy

Fruit designs

Fruit coloring page
Fruit coloring page

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