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At Christmas the panettone is the classic Christmas cake, of course, but as well as how dessert it can also be consumed in a savory version, as an appetizer.

Here are some savory recipes with panettone to prepare quickly and easily on your Christmas table.

The savory gourmet panettone it is a perfect cold appetizer to serve for Christmas dinner or lunch (it is also perfect to enrich the buffet of an elegant aperitif, at any time of the year)! To stuff it you can wander with the imagination, choosing fish, salami, vegetables, cheese, fruit … In our recipe we offer you intriguing mix of ingredients: salmon goes well with lumpfish roe with dill butter cream, ham and soncino with mascarpone cream, cream of ham and goat cheese with celery and almond grains. An authentic goodness!

In another variation that we present to you, the layers of gastronomic panettone alternate the fillings, which are caviar, butter, vodka, crumbled boiled eggs and chopped aromatic herbs or salmon, mayonnaise and pepper, or cured ham cream. You can garnish the panettone with a few slices of ham creating flowers on the shell.

For the filling you can also bet on sliced ​​salami on tasty homemade creams.

Here is the recipe of panettone bruschetta with red onion compote and black currant, a very special dish that combines sweet and savory: the classic panettone is the protagonist.

The classic sweet panettone is also the ingredient of smoked rolls with panettone: small cylinders of Christmas cake are spread with old-fashioned mustard and wrapped in slices of smoked bacon, finally topped with a bow of sour cream.

Check out the recipes of Salt & Pepper and start preparing what it does for your palate and that of your guests.

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