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A simple and perfect first course for every occasion, from dinner a week to an important evening

A zucchini risotto It is a simple dish to prepare that appeals to the whole family, especially to children.
If you want to make it tastier and even richer, try adding a special ingredient: lo soft cheese.

Any advice for a good risotto

To prepare risotto with zucchini, first choose a good rice: Carnaroli or Arborio.
Being a very simple recipe it is really important to use top quality raw materials so you could buy the rice from a small local producer rather than a commercial product to get a better result.
Same thing for the zucchini and cheese. You can enrich the risotto with both flowers and tender leaves of the entire plant that you may not know, but they are edible and delicious and are cooked like any leaf vegetable. In general, with young leaves you will also find the small and not yet ripe fruits that are cooked are delicious.

Stracchino or crescenza?

You can whisk your risotto with stracchino or crescenza which are two soft and creamy cheeses that make the dish tastier and with an enveloping consistency.
We suggest the stracchino which has a more delicate taste, while if you prefer something stronger use crescenza.
There difference between the two cheeses there is even if perhaps not everyone knows it: stracchino is a cheese seasoned only for a few days and produced by “overcooked” cows, that is, tired when they come back from the pastures. The growth is instead a seasoned for 20 days.

risotto-soft cheese-and-zucchini

The risotto recipe with zucchini and stracchino

To make risotto with zucchini and stracchino, start with the classic risotto base and then let the chopped onion caramelize with a knob of butter in a pan with fairly high edges.
Then add the courgettes cut into thin slices and let them brown a little.
Then the rice is toasted (consider about two pugnettos per person for a perfect amount).
Blend it with the white wine and then continue cooking with some hot vegetable broth for about 12 minutes, until the rice becomes creamy. A pinch of salt and pepper and at this point add a tablespoon of stracchino and a fire off stir.
You can also not add the cheese in the risotto, but soften it and then use it to decorate the dish giving it the shape of a quenelle.

Even creamier

If you want to taste the taste of zucchini in risotto, but don't like the crunchy texture of vegetables, add them grated only during the cooking of the rice, in this way they will blend perfectly with the rest.

Fragrant herbs

This risotto has a delicate taste and therefore you can play a little with the herbs to make it more fragrant.
You can use the classic parsley that marries perfectly with the zucchini or even mint and basil to be added chopped during cooking.
Sage and thyme are also indicated, but be careful not to add too much.

How to serve it?

As we have already said. the dish is nicer if decorated with one quenelle of cream cheese and from some aromatic leaves.
You can serve it inside a parmesan basket or simply accompanied by a crunchy parmesan cheese pastry.

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