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how to prepare cookies for wine

They are donuts that give off the aroma of wine, covered with sugar. Excellent to be served after a meal. Because simple things are good for the soul

If after a dinner with friends make some wine or if you have opened a bottle, but unfortunately the scent and taste were not what you hoped for, what can you do? Of course prepare cookies.
The mbriachelleas can be easily guessed from the name, they are gods biscuits with wine very simple to prepare.
They can be a form of donuts or of sticks and they are covered in sugar.
They are ideal to be served after a meal with a good glass of cooked wine or with an intense and full-bodied red and the true connoisseurs love to dip them in the wine a little 'as you do with the cantucci.

The ingredients of the mbriachelle

Preparing these biscuits is very simple. Always remember that you must use the same amount of oil and wine and then slowly add the flour until you reach the right consistency.
We can say that for 500 g of 00 flour you will need a glass of 200 ml wine and a little oil.
Regarding the sugar, adjust yourself according to your tastes. For the proportions given, a glass of sugar is sufficient also because other must be added on the biscuits before cooking.
The yeast? If you prefer a fairly soft consistency put a teaspoon, but they are also very good crispy and therefore without yeast.

How to make mbriachelle

First mix the wine and oil and then add the sugar and very slowly the flour, continuing to work the dough, which must easily become malleable, soft and not too dry.
You decide whether to add a teaspoon of yeast or not.
Then form some snakes and close them around a finger to get small donuts.
Gently place them in the granulated sugar and then place them on a baking tray bake at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. Once ready, they are kept for many days.

Which wine and which oil?

Regarding the choice of wine used simply what you have available.
Red, rosé or white, with or without bubbles, you can really go crazy and you will discover how many different flavors and flavors can emit these biscuits based on the ingredients you use.
On the choice of oil, however, we recommend a good oil evo, but if you prefer a more delicate taste, a peanut oil will also be good.

Now take a look at the tutorial for some more advice on preparing mbriachelle

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