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How to organize meals for the whole week

Let's find out how to organize seven-day lunches and dinners so that the daily menu is ready: the dream of many families – especially with children!

It is one of the questions more recurrent and complicated that are heard in the morning during the Breakfast: what do you want to eat today?
Receive answers – especially from those who have small children – it gets really complicated and finding one recipe that can be good for everyone, is balanced from the point of view nutritional and satisfying the palates is an arduous undertaking.

Organize i whole week meals it could be the right answer to the need not to arrive a few hours after lunch and dinner and not knowing what to put on the table, with the risk of resorting – for survival – to a ready meals and last-minute orders on the app e restaurants of the surroundings.

So how to organize everyone's meals during the week, especially for those with small children?
Let's try to give the most important rules from which to start!

Let's start with the most complicated part of the organization: the children's menu. For all families whose children go to kindergarten or to elementary and take advantage of the school canteen, a good starting point would be to check what they eat at lunch and offer them a balanced food alternative during dinner.

What to propose then? The panacea for all ills in this case has a name and surname and is called single dish: a practical and quick solution, to (hopefully) proof of whims is that shorten the times in which the child is "forced" to table after a day at school and doing homework. What to choose? Even one soup with cheese can go well, or a pasta with i legumes, meat or fish with a quick side dish and bread.
Knowing what they ate for lunch will help do not replicate the same ingredients.

What are the golden rules of nutrition to organize meals throughout the week in a correct way from a nutritional point of view?

Even if everyone (or almost everyone) would like to eat there Pizza for both lunch and dinner – smaller ones included of course – vary as much as possible the seven-day menu it is essential for a healthy and balanced diet.

The golden rules on the ingredients to choose at the table on a weekly basis are: 3 portions of fish per week and 3 or 4 of legumes. There meat two or three times every 7 days, only one or two cold cuts. Eggs and cheeses, they can be consumed twice each respectively, remembering however to do not overdo it with eggs: 2 already represent a complete portion.

Eat all the same things in different qualities

For organize meals for the whole week it is important to decide that all components of the family they should eat the same thing. Cooked different things it will, in fact, make it practically impossible compose a menu and it will complicate drastically the culinary organization of the week.

If the ingredients must (hopefully at least) be the same for everyone, not so portions. Adults and children must eat absolutely different qualities of nutrients. It is good to remember that, in particular, the little ones need less protein than the older ones.

Very important for organize meals for the whole week it is also respecting the needs of all members of the family. The menu, in fact, must take into account tastes of all, one day it will satisfy someone more, another day someone else, including children.

Who wants to follow a quasi-scientific method to organize meals for the whole week, dividing the ingredients e preparing lunches and dinners in advance can try with the meal prep: perfect for a balanced diet and quick to cook.
With the meal prep you just need to get busy at the weekend and then have 5 lunches and dinners available for the days to come, for the whole family!

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