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Which meat to use, how to cook it perfectly and some assembly instructions to ignore. Are you ready to prepare the best burger ever?

A hamburger is not just a sandwich. IS a desire that comes true on certain tired evenings, that is shared with those we love most and that consoles us in moments not. But for the desire for a succulent bite to come true, we must prepare it in a workmanlike manner. Here are some rules and a mini guide to the ingredients for create the hamburger of our dreams!

Meat, raw material

To prepare a delicious hamburger, you need to start from the basic ingredient, or meat. Yes to the cow, but also to chicken, lamb and pork and why not, the fish could also give us great satisfaction. Thinking about the beef tradition, we recommend having the butcher grind the meat by choosing a semi-thin cut like the rear. If you love it very tasty, focus on parts such as shoulder and belly that have a greater amount of fat and are more succulent.

Watch out for cooking

To prepare a good hamburger, it would take a hot grill. Pans and plates are also fine, provided they are very hot, but it does not end there. In order for the result to be optimal, leave the meat for 10 minutes at room temperature and cook it without adding fats like oil and butter. It will be the fat that drips from the meat to ensure that it does not attack.

The ride?

Yes but only once. The widespread practice of continuing to turn the meat could make it dry. Better to opt for a quiet cooking, to be modulated according to your preferences. If we want it to the blood, it will take 2 minutes per side, if it is very high or we want it well cooked, it will take 4 minutes. In order to keep the juices, also avoid pricking her constantly with a fork.

The cheese

The great hamburger classic is the Cheddar. That is the cheese with the typical orange color which besides being very tasty melts quickly in a pleasant casting. To make it melt well, we can grate it, sprinkle it abundantly on the freshly grilled surface of the meat (just when we turn it over) and cover with a lid. If you don't like cheddar, however, you can also use other types of cheese, as long as they melt easily. Yes to provola, fontina and scamorza, but if you love Mediterranean flavors, you will also like melted parmesan flakes.

The bread

The typical hamburger bread is called burger buns, it contains milk and is covered with fragrant sesame seeds. You can also opt for a homemade milk bread, but the important thing is that before stuffing it with meat, cheese and sauces, it is heated for about 4 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ° C. Once cut in half, you can make it even more delicious by spreading it with a small amount of salted butter.

The crunchy part

For a burger to be really tasty, remember to include a crunchy ingredient. It may be the classic leaf of lettuce which must be fresh and added to the top of the sandwich a few moments before serving, as well as a slice of bacon previously passed on the plate. If you love onion, you can also pass it in flour and fry it, inserting it in the sandwich in the top layer to the meat.

The sauces

A great burger classic is salsa barbeque which must be added in small quantities at the base and on top of the sandwich. But to personalize it to the maximum we can also focus on tartar sauce, cheese sauce or why not, on guacamole to give us an exotic suggestion.

And now … enjoy your meal!

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