How to make simple fried eggs special – Italian Cuisine

How to make simple fried eggs special

How many recipes can be made around simple fried eggs? Quite a few apparently. Here's how to creatively transform this dish

Lovers of fried eggs, if you have already read the article on the rules to be respected for the preparation of this dish, it's time to indulge yourself in the kitchen to bring to the table unique and very tasty dishes, also perfect for breakfast if you love to make it salty, in perfect American style.

Italian fried eggs

The fried egg is one of those wild cards to be prepared at the last moment when you have very little in the refrigerator and little time to cook. The most popular recipes in Italy are the egg with asparagus and parmesan, the eggs in purgatory with tomato sauce and fried egg with a slice of thin slices or another cheese that melts on top.
The most refined palates, however, love to combine a simple fried egg with a precious ingredient such as black truffle or better yet, white, flake and … in abundance.

Matches from overseas

Fried egg and poached egg are breakfasts to be typically prepared for weekend brunch.
They are accompanied with beans, mushrooms and potatoes in English breakfast and with crispy bacon and toasted bread in the American breakfast. The fashion of stuffing also comes from the States burgers and bagles with fried egg and other delicious fillings. Who has never tried the famous avocado toast, the recipe for all social networks?

Recipes to try

If you want to experiment in the kitchen starting from a classic fried egg, find it in the tutorial 10 ideas for you, quick and easy to make and below other 4 recipes from our archive.

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