How to make salami sandwich – Italian Cuisine

How to make salami sandwich

In this season to be spent outdoors, the sandwich with salamella never fails. Here's how to prepare it

The sandwich with salami it is an all-Italian street food that never fails and not only in summer!
It is prepared in the famous "baracchini" or during barbecues and is eaten standing while sipping an ice cold beer. It can be said that it is the Italian version of the American hot-dog, but in our opinion it is much better!

The bread

Bread must be fresh and crunchy. NO mandatory for hamburger buns, milk rolls, sandwich bread and buns.
The ideal are the michette or i long sandwiches. You can also prepare a sandwich with salami with sliced ​​bread, like a good Apulian bread, but then it will be more complicated to bite.

The salamella

Salamella or sausage? It depends a little on the region where you are! The salamella is a fresh pork sausage coarsely ground in the meat grinder (4-6 mm holes) with the addition of salt and flavorings such as fennel, pepper or chili pepper and other spices.
As always, Italy offers variants to be tasted ranging from the salsiza triestina, to the Mantuan salami, to that of Caderzone, the knife tip sausage of the Alta murgia in Spinazzola and so on. The important thing, being a "less valuable" meat, is always relying on a trusted butcher and choosing raw materials of excellent quality!

How to prepare the sandwich with the sausage

First of all cut a sausage or a sausage in half lengthwise: you can also avoid the cut, but if you want to make sure that the meat is well cooked also inside it is better to open it.
Skin yes or no? It depends on your tastes, if you remove it, be careful not to break the sausage during cooking.
Then cook on both sides on a very hot plate or on a grill until the meat is golden brown, but not overcooked so as not to risk drying out.
Then fill the sandwich cut in half. You can also heat it for a moment to make it more crunchy. Serve immediately, with or without condiments.

How to stuff the sandwich with salami

In general, the sandwich with salamella is enriched with sauces of ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and mustard to taste, but other ingredients can also be added.
If you like i strong tastes and the bittersweet contrast opt ​​for a filling based on sauerkraut.
A’Rustic alternative and very tasty are i pepperoni grilled or cooked in a pan with garlic and oil.
Another winning combination is the onion, also this grilled or browned in a pan.
Finally, if you have a really strong stomach and you are returning from a very eventful evening, combine all the ingredients proposed so far in one sandwich … it will put you back in the world!

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