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How to make french toast

You've certainly seen French toast in many American movies because this is it typical breakfast-brunch recipe along with pancakes, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. I'm very simple and quick to prepare: just immerse the slices of bread in the box in a mix of eggs and milk and then fry them in a pan with butter.
French toast comes served lukewarm, sprinkled with icing sugar and accompanied with jam, maple syrup, fresh fruit, honey or cream.

How to make a french toast

First you decide whether to make a toast with two slices stuffed in the middle or with only one slice.
Then choose bread. It can be del panbrioche if you want a sweet and greedy toast, but it will also be simple white bread in the box.
you can fill the toast as you prefer, with butter and sugar, butter and jam, ricotta and honey, hazelnut cream and everything you like. If you use only one slice, however, you do not need to add anything.
Then pass the slices of single bread or stuffed toasts into a mixture prepared with 3 beaten eggs and 100 ml of milk.
You can add a pinch of cinnamon, if you want, and a teaspoon of powdered sugar to sweeten, but if you use pan brioche it will not serve.
The last step is the cooking in a pan with a knob of butter.
The toast must become crispy and golden.

And the croque monsieur?

We do not confuse french toast and croque monsieur, two recipes from the French name and based on bread in a box but do not provide the same procedure or the same ingredients.
The croque monsieur, or its richer version croque madame, is prepared with two slices of bread stuffed with bechamel, ham and cheese and then seasoned with another béchamel sauce and roasted in the oven. The croque madame, however, is a toast stuffed with ham and cheese then cooked in a pan with butter. It is characteristic because it is served with a fried egg as the last layer.

And the pain perdu?

Another recipe very similar to French toast is the pain perdu, very famous in France and in some northern European countries and also known in Italy as a recipe for the poor tradition.
It is a full french toast, but prepared with slices of common bread, better if stale.
The slices are not stuffed, but simply wet with eggs and milk and then fried with butter.
It is a recipe for recycling that can be served at any time of the day with an accompaniment of cooked fruit like apples or pears or compotes of all kinds.
It is a true comfort food.

Here now in the tutorial some ideas to prepare for delicious french toast for your breakfast.

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