How to make drunken watermelon – La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

How to make drunken watermelon - La Cucina Italiana

Just add a little vodka to make this fruit alcoholic. It can be served sliced, as eat and drink or as juice. Here's how to prepare the three variants

A bonfire with friends on the beach or an informal dinner in the garden don't taste the same if there isn't one an alcoholic watermelon, or rather drunk, to share. Let's learn how to do it in a classic way and with some variations.

Preparing it is very simple because just fill the fruit with an alcoholic drink, usually vodka. It can be done either by storing the pulp inside, or by digging it and using the peel as a container for a food and drink.

Here it is now three variants to present this perfect recipe for summer.

Drunk sliced ​​watermelon

To prepare the drunken watermelon to eat sliced ​​is enough engrave a square of 4 cm about on the skin until it reaches deep into the pulp.
Once this plug has been extracted, a hole will have been created inside which it is necessary to insert a funnel to pour a certain amount of vodka into the fruit. You decide how much, based on the alcohol content you want.
This procedure must be done very slowly to allow the pulp to absorb the liquid.
Once this step is complete, the hole e closes leave to cool in the refrigerator for some hours.
When serving, cut the watermelon into slices and eat as usual with forks and knives.

Drunk watermelon eat and drink

The most scenic alternative is as we said eat and drink. A sort of sangria, but made with watermelon and vodka instead of wine and served inside the fruit itself.
Practically cut the watermelon in half or remove a slice large enough from the shell to breach it turn watermelon into a container.
We dig inside for remove the pulp which will then be cut into cubes and deprived of the seeds (if you have desire and patience) and yes will combine with other summer fruit like peaches and melon inside the watermelon-container together with vodka.
In this case, a ladle is used to serve this sort of alcoholic fruit salad.

Drunken watermelon juice

Finally, there is another very original and truly effective technique for transforming the pulp of watermelon into a juice. That's enough drill a fairly large hole on the rind and then insert one inside electric whisk. In a short time all the pulp will have become liquid. At this point add an alcoholic part and let cool the whole refrigerator after closing the hole.
You can serve the cocktail in the glasses or insert some long straws inside the hole to drink all together directly from watermelon.

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