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How to make dried prunes at home

If plums are left over at home, don't worry: if you keep them well you can get a healthy and balanced snack or a tasty ingredient for sweets

The prunes they are the fruit of the tree Prunus domestica, originally from Asia. Dried, they are perfect as a mid-morning snack or to make a healthy and balanced snack thanks to them energizing, tonic and purifying properties. In the supermarket they are easily found, but for those who have plenty of them, it is useful to know how to make dried prunes at home, so as not to be forced to throw away the fruits that cannot be eaten fresh.

How to make prunes, the process

The process to dry the plums it is quite simple, even if it takes some time. First you need to wash and dry the plums thoroughly. In the meantime, a pot of water is brought to the boil enough to hold the fruits available. These should not be cooked, but must just be scalded, then immersed in water for no more than a minute. When the peel is swollen, the plums must be drained and laid out on the racks to dry them. If the weather is mild and you have the necessary space, they can also be dried in the sun. Otherwise they go bake at a temperature around 50 or 60 degrees and leave inside with the door half closed for a couple of hours.

Better to remove the core

Once the peel has shrunk, but is not yet completely dry, it is time for the most laborious passage: the plums go pitted, one by one. This operation can also be done at the beginning, the only drawback is that the fruits in this case must be cut in half in order to be deprived of the core, therefore they will not have the compactness that you are used to seeing and tasting normally. Once pitted, the plums must be put back in the oven for another half hour, in order to complete the drying. Obviously the plum, once dried, loses part of the mass that composes it, especially in terms of water and is more sugary than fresh fruit. In principle, if ten fresh plums weigh approximately 250 grams, the same dried quantity will weigh 55 grams. In addition to being eaten on their own, dried plums can be used as ingredients for making desserts, such as crispy sticks with dried or even prunes tasty second courses, for example lamb chops with prunes.

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