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A habit, a ritual, a sweetness, a cuddle. Here's how to make the perfect coffee creamy sauce

A hot macchiato coffee, a coffee with cold milk aside, a coffee in a hot cold-stained cup (this remains a mystery), a coffee stained with soy milk (hot / cold), a cold coffee, a long coffee, a coffee short, a glass coffee, a foamed coffee, a ginseng coffee … Ok: the variables, for the poor bartender, are practically endless. But luckily not everyone likes to go to the bar.

Coffee: there are those who prefer to do it and drink it at home

Today many people use pods, which give the pleasure of drinking a coffee as if you were at the bar (without making those behind the bar go crazy). But the moka remains timeless. Because that "little machine" doesn't just make coffee: it makes tradition, it makes memories, it makes perfume, it makes music, it makes joy, it makes nostalgia, it makes the family warm even if you are single!
In short, call it what you like, moka, coffee maker, coffee maker, coffee maker, pot, old wheelbarrow, but one thing is certain: it is essential to do the cream of coffee.

The cream of coffee.

Coffee creamy sauce: recipe

Certainly it is a great classic of the Neapolitan and Salerno tradition, so much so that here it is not just a homemade ritual: even the barista who prepares the espresso adds the sweet creamy coffee. In the rest of Italy, on the other hand, it is more a familiar quirk. Here then is the secret to making it really special.

Difficulty: very easy
Preparation time: 2 minutes (only for the cream)

Ingredients for 3 coffees

6 teaspoons of granulated sugar (teaspoons of sugar must be twice the productivity of the moka: coffee maker 6 = 12 teaspoons of sugar, and so on)
a few drops of coffee


Put the sugar in a small bowl. Prepare the moka as usual and bring it to the stove. As soon as the coffee begins to rise, remove the mocha from the heat and pour the first drops of coffee (which are the most creamy and intensely flavored) in the bowl containing the sugar. Return the moka to the stove over low heat. Take the bowl and, with circular movements, mix with a teaspoon sugar and coffee to obtain a sufficiently thick cream. The stronger the mixture will turn, the more creamy the coffee cream will be. Finally put a teaspoon full of cream in each cup and then pour over the coffee.

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