How to make classic Sorrento gnocchi (and a variant) – Italian Cuisine

How to make classic Sorrento gnocchi (and a variant)

Gnocchi alla sorrentina: when the quality of the ingredients makes a poor recipe unique

A first course that appeals to everyone, adults and children: the Sorrento-style gnocchi.
At first glance it would not be called a properly summer recipe but, given that the tomatoes in this season are particularly good, we thought to offer it now.

The gnocchi alla sorrentina, and more generally the pasta alla sorrentina, are a first Italian dish famous in all ways.
A simple recipe that is incapable of cooking. The secret lies in the quality of the ingredients. Few but good!
We advise you to use the gnocchi and to prepare them at home, if you have time; but this first course is also delicious with other short pasta shapes, such as for example mezze manicole and paccheri.

The recipe for Sorrento-style gnocchi

First prepare the gnocchi as per traditional recipe.
If you need advice read the cooking techniques: potato gnocchi
Separately, proceed with the tomato sauce.
Do not use the passata or the ready pulp, but only fresh coppery tomatoes.
Wash them thoroughly and then blanch them in a pot full of water just a few minutes to remove the peel more easily.
At this point prepare a sauce by removing the seeds and cutting the tomatoes into small pieces. Add extra virgin olive oil and plenty of fresh basil and cook over low heat in a pan for about half an hour.
You don't have to add onion or garlic, but if you like them and want to give a little more flavor don't hesitate.
Once the seasoning is ready, you can leave it (to have a little more consistency) or turn it into a pass.
You can also cook the tomatoes with their peel and then pass them once cooked.
Season the freshly drained gnocchi with the sauce, the grated Parmesan and the well-drained and diced mozzarella.
Put everything in an ovenproof dish and put in the oven at 220 ° for a few minutes and in grill mode to complete the cooking.

A variant for the summer

Add the aubergine cubes fried in boiling oil to the simple tomato sauce or simply the aubergine peel cut into thin strips and fried, if you want a little crunchiness.
You will get a first course similar to pasta alla norma, but more delicate and with mozzarella instead of salted ricotta.
In this case you can also use some fresh oregano or mint leaves to flavor and perfume.
Instead of potato gnocchi you can also use semolina gnocchi.

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