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How to make banana bread: the recipe

Banana bread: all you need to know about a very famous American dessert that is not just a banana plumcake. We explain why.

One of the most famous American sweets in the world it is undoubtedly the Banana Bread, which is not really a banana-flavored bread as the name would suggest, but more a sweet for breakfast similar to a soft donut.
It has a compact consistency, is quite moist inside and can be more or less sweet depending on your taste. It can be enriched with nuts or chocolate chips and can be more or less spicy.
There are those who decorate it with the icing sugar or with the butter whisk and those who prefer to accompany it with the whipped cream or sour cream.
You can also make gods with the same dough muffins instead of giving it the shape of a plum cake.
Banana bread is great for snack and breakfast, even children. Cut it into slices and heat it in a toaster and then serve it with butter and jam. You can also freeze it (always sliced) and heat it when needed.

The banana bread recipe

To prepare an excellent banana bread you need ripe bananas. Peel 4, mash with a fork and mix with 120 g of butter with pomade and 120 g of sugar. Whip everything with a whisk and then add two eggs, a pinch of salt and two to three tablespoons of lemon juice.
Sift then 200 g of 00 flour, 6 g of baking powder and 3 g of baking soda. Add some cinnamon powder and mix everything.
Grease and flour a plum cake mold and cook the banana bread at 180 ° for about 60 minutes.

Find out now in the tutorial what should not be missed in an excellent banana bread.

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