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How to do the liquid detox

Three days of detoxification of the body, bringing to the table extracts, smoothies and vegetable soups. Tips for a purifying break after the extravagances of the holidays

And the Epiphany has also gone. Now we look in the mirror and, without making a tragedy of it, we are confronted with the classic 2-3 kilos acquired during the holidays. No panic and no guilt:
the solution exists and consists of a 3 day liquid detox. With the recommendation not to overdo it in this time frame, thus giving up the gym and strong workouts, here's how to set up your January detox. Which, among other advantages, will allow you to strengthen your immune defenses (a considerable plus these days). Word to the expert.

It starts with the preparatory phase (very important)

Abdominal swelling, water retention, fat, or what's left of Christmas and New Year's food addictions. According to Sandra Nassima, specialist in nutrition science and founder of Depuravita, "the ideal would be to approach the" hard and pure "liquid detox, anticipating it with preparatory days, to avoid traumatizing the body, making it pass from the rich winter dishes of parties with extracts and light soups. 3-4 days before starting the liquid detox, cut alcohol, foods containing gluten, sugars and products of animal origin, increasing the portions of fruit and vegetables (organic) at the same time and drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. In this way the body will begin to lighten, getting used to the slow and progressive caloric restriction in view of the liquid detox in the program .

3 days of liquid detox, the guidelines

New to a liquid detox program? "Don't worry, because it's all extremely simple and rational," Nassima reassures. «In fact, it is a question of alternating between breakfast, lunch and dinner, without forgetting the two snacks in the morning and afternoon, extracts, smoothies, soups. With the addition, when and if you feel the need to munch on solid foods, of
raw and natural seasonal vegetables. In this way you will fill up with water, fiber, minerals and vitamins, avoiding feeling weak and hungry . Here we come to the example of a typical day with liquid detox. The expert explains: "For breakfast, squeeze a grapefruit and a lemon, add a pinch of chilli pepper, a tablespoon of raw olive oil, a handful of flax seeds, 5 grams of ginger and 3 cloves of garlic, blending everything with 125 ml of water. You should get a smoothie with a soft texture, not too liquid. Ideal for purifying the liver, it is also a booster for the immune system. Pair it with a ginger extract and you'll get your fill of antioxidants. In the middle of the morning you can eat an apple with a small portion of nuts. For lunch, a green extract of spinach, kale, ginger, fennel and celery, perhaps adding spirulina powder or chlorella algae to implement the detox action. For a snack a mix of carrot and fennel crudité with oil-free guacamole, while for dinner a cup of vegetable broth or pumpkin soup . And that's it.

What mistakes to avoid when doing liquid detox

"More than anything else, I think we can run the risk of mistaking the detox for a diet," notes Nassima. “If your goal is to lose weight only, the 3-day detox may not be for you. I'll explain why: the goal is not to deprive yourself of food and lose weight, but to detoxify the body after a period of excess, but also to help it perform a beneficial reset following severe psycho-physical stress. Another mistake: do not drink water, thinking that extracts are enough. This is not the case and the body needs pure water during the detox, otherwise a severe headache. It is forbidden to drink coffee at this stage, which must coincide with a rest of mind and body. Yes, on the other hand, with hot herbal teas of moringa and tulsi, excellent for purifying the liver, an excretory organ that is most fatigued by the caloric foods of the holidays. If intense sports activities are not recommended, do not forget to do mild daily physical exercise to keep muscles and joints active, not to mention the stimulating effect on mood. From pilates to yoga, from stretching to walking. Finally, if you buy ready-made extracts and juices, I invite you to carefully read the labels, making sure that among the ingredients there is always at least 70% of vegetables. Perhaps on the palate these juices will initially seem bitter, but it is vegetables such as kale, cucumber, spinach and celery that stimulate the body's purifying processes. And if you suffer from sluggish metabolism, remember that the most stimulating ingredients in this sense are citrus fruits, chilli, ginger and pineapple . Happy New Year Detox!

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