How to cook vitello tonnato – Italian Cuisine

How to cook vitello tonnato

The vitello tonnato, an ancient and very Italian dish, symbol of the kitchen of the 80s but that never goes out of fashion

The vitel tonnè, a great classic in Italian cuisine, has been present since the end of the nineteenth century and has had a moment of great splendor between the end of the 70s and 80s. A dish that is not lacking even now in the tables of Italians: Christmas at summer buffs.

A seemingly easy dish, but instead requires a lot of care and attention in preparation: at the top you will find our tutorial, step by step because it is true that everyone follows his family recipe, but it is also true that since it is a classic of our kitchen, it must be recognized a certain respect!

The recipe of Italian cuisine

The recipe of Artusi

The recipe that has come down to us is written in 1891 from Pellegrino Artusi: the Romagnolo gastronomist in his Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well he wrote "milk veal, in the thigh or in the "then boiled" leg with two cloves, a leaf oflaurel, celery, carrot is parsley"And seasoned with a sauce based on anchovies, tuna in oil, lemon, oil and capers.

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