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How to cook the sea bass | Salt and pepper – Italian Cuisine

The branzino It is the perfect ingredient to create excellent second courses of baked fish. But this fine fish, able to reach even the meter in length, is also excellent filleted in a pan or boiled. Along with sea bream, it is one of the most loved fish in the kitchen because its meat is very lean, firm, with few bones, tasty and delicate at the same time. Can resist in the fridge for 48 hours and lends itself to many recipes. We find out how to cook the sea bass.

Sea bass or bass?

If you think you have never heard of the branzino it is because this fish is also known by the name of sea ​​bass, spider or wolf fish. But behind all these names there is always him, this precious fish that we also find in our seas.

The sea bass can be fished all the year especially in coastal areas. You can find it from the fishmonger or the supermarket. To understand if the sea ​​bass is fresh, pay attention to the gills: the fresh sea bass has red and wet. The eyes must be bright, head and not sunken. In addition the scales must be attacked and the skin bright.

How to fillet the sea bass

The branzino it is excellent both consumed whole and to fillets to prepare in the pan. For fillet the sea bass transfer the fish to the cutting board, remove the skin, divide the upper fillet lengthwise with the knife and remove the two half threads from the bone. Remove the latter and split the underlying thread in two, lifting the skin.

With the bones of the sea bass, put in water with a bay leaf, a sprig of thyme, a carrot and an onion in chunks, you will get a good broth. Cook for 36-40 minutes without adding salt. Finally filter the liquid.

How much should you cook?

THE cooking time of sea bass vary depending on the size of the fish and based on the choice you will make, whether to use fresh or frozen fish. For example, frozen sea bass fillets take only eight minutes to cook. Furthermore, the chosen technique also affects the cooking times.

Cook the sea bass in the pan

Among the cooking techniques we find out how cook the sea bass in the padellto. Among the recipes to put into practice this tool allows us to prepare a very tasty sea ​​bass with almonds with green tomato sauce. After creating a base with olives, vinegar, oil and peeled garlic, add tomatoes and almonds, in another pan brown the sea bass fillets for 3 minutes. Then put them on a baking sheet and sprinkle with almonds: cook at 180 ° for 5 minutes. Then fuck with the mixture of green tomatoes.

Try also a typical Moroccan recipe, the sea ​​bass tagine with charmoula. Cooking in the pan is also well suited to making first courses that make this fish a protagonist. Try the ravioli of sea ​​bass in anchovy sauce and turnip greens or i sea ​​bass spaghetti and mint zucchini.

Cook sea bass in foil

Let's find out how cook the sea bass in foil. This technique requires the use of aluminum kitchen paper, which helps us keep all the fluids dispersed by the fish, which in this technique is usually cooked whole. After having washed and cleaned, put a slice of lemon inside the fish, peel the onions and affix them to the veil. You can season the sea bass with other diced vegetables, but do not forget the parsley.

After greasing the sheet of aluminum foil, put on the diced vegetables and the fish. Irritates everything with two tablespoons of oil, salt and pepper. Close the paper and bake in a hot oven at 200 degrees for an hour. At the end of cooking, just place the paper on a plate and open it only once at the table.

Cook baked sea bass

Cooking the sea bass in the oven allows you to unleash your imagination in many and tasty recipes. For example you can prepare the baked sea bass in a golden crust, creating a "second skin" of potatoes to the fish. You can also create a sea ​​bass stuffed with almonds and cream of onions. The seasonings with which to flavor the meat of this fish are really endless. Remember, however, that cooking the sea bass should be monitored: if the surface gets too dry, cover the sea bass with aluminum foil so as to stop the dispersion of moisture.

Cook grilled sea bass

Not only meat is on the hot coals: you can also cook the grilled seabass. For an optimal result, make a pre-marinated fish, with a sauce based on oil, garlic, salt, parsley and chilli. Once seasoned, transfer the sea bass on the hot grill and cook for 5-10 minutes on each side.

Cook boiled or boiled sea bass

Less used as a cooking technique, but you can also cadd the boiled or boiled sea bass. Just put water, oil, salt, pepper, bay leaves, white wine and lemon in a pot. After bringing the mixture to a boil, dip the fish in water and let it boil again. Let it cook slowly: calculate the cooking time keeping in mind that for every kilo of fish you will need 15 minutes. At the end turn off and let the fish cool in water for at least an hour. You can serve it with oil, lemon, salt and pepper or mayonnaise.

Sea bass in salt: cooking time

A very tasty variant of the baked sea bass is the sea ​​bass with salt (find here the recipe of sea ​​bass in the aromatic salt shell). This technique exploits the steam produced by the natural humidity of the food and allows the fish to cook in its own fat, reducing to a minimum the use of extra seasonings.

For a medium-sized fish you will need them four kilos of salt with which to create a shell. Inside, arrange aromatic herbs and fish, sprinkle with salt until it is completely covered. Then bake at 200 ° C for 40 minutes.

Once the cooking is complete, portion the sea bass salt in this way. Remove the skin and divide the upper thread with the knife, lengthwise. Remove the 2 half threads from the bone, spray them with a drizzle of oil and serve them to the first 2 guests. Recovers the "cheeks" in the head of the fish and, starting from the tail, raises the bone and eliminates it along with the head. Divide the fillet underneath in 2 parts, lift it from the skin, sprinkle it with a little oil and serve. You can accompany the sea bass in salt with steamed potatoes.



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