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How to cook shrimp linguine

Today we talk about linguine and prawns and the joy they give to our palate. If we follow these easy rules.

Taste of sea

Linguine with prawns are an extraordinary first course and also very simple to prepare because fish requires very short cooking times and little processing.
While you allow the water to boil and cook the pasta, the prawns are flavored with the tomato and then you just have to toss everything in the pan and you're done.
A recipe with a summer flavor that can be prepared all year round and that puts everyone in agreement.

Quality ingredients

Precisely because it is a very simple recipe, it is essential to choose excellent quality raw materials.
The pasta must be made from durum wheat semolina and must keep cooking and absorb the sauce perfectly, while the prawns must obviously be very fresh, even if you can get a good result even with some frozen foods.
Tomato also has an important component if you decide to use it.
Fresh cherry tomatoes are always excellent in combination with fish, otherwise use a good chopped pulp because a little must be felt in the dressing.

How to clean shrimp

You can use them whole with the carapace, or clean, but remember to always eliminate the intestine which is that black filament present on the back.
If you use whole prawns, cut the outer part of the crustacean with scissors and remove the filament, otherwise use only the pulp always removing the intestine.

How to prepare shrimp linguine

Immediately put the water to boil and add salt when it reaches temperature.
Then throw away the linguine.
Separately, cook the whole or shelled prawns, or both, in a pan with oil, garlic, chopped parsley and a piece of chilli pepper.
Then add the cherry tomatoes or the tomato pulp and let the sauce withdraw a little, salting it only at the end, a little.
Drain the pasta al dente and toss it in a pan with the sauce. For 300 g of pasta consider about 500 g of shrimp.

All the flavor of shrimp

To give an intense flavor to the pasta, use shelled prawns, but also whole ones.
When the sauce is practically ready, remove the head of the shrimp and mash it with a potato masher to obtain all the internal juice to add to the dressing.

Shrimp linguine with courgettes

The white version of this pasta is generally made with courgettes and a pinch of saffron.
Then prepare the courgettes cut into rings, browning them in a pan with the shallot and oil.
Add the prawns halfway through cooking and add a little white wine.
Once the alcohol is absorbed, add the saffron diluted in a little water, salt and chopped parsley and the seasoning for the linguine is ready.

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