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How to cook potatoes. But also some of their history

The potatoes are very versatile tubers, excellent in the kitchen for the preparation of both sweet and savory dishes: here are all our tips for choosing, storing and cooking them.

Let's talk about potatoes!

Potatoes are the most consumed and cultivated food in the world

And they have ancient origins. The Incas called them "papas". They arrived in Europe only in the sixteenth century by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro.

There are many varieties of potatoes, about two thousand

Two thousand varieties of potatoes that can be divided into two large groups: white-fleshed potatoes, more floury and suitable to be crushed for the preparation of mashed or gnocchi, and yellow-fleshed potatoes with compact pulp and therefore suitable to be cooked whole or fried .
Then there are purple potatoes, American potatoes and many other lesser-known qualities, however, on our tables.

The potatoes, as well as good to eat, are also healing

They have deputative, sedative, anti-tumor and diuretic properties and can also be consumed by diabetics because their fibers easily absorb sugars.
Moreover, the cooking water of the potatoes is an excellent remedy against rheumatic pains, while with a slice of potato you can soothe burns.

How are potatoes chosen and stored?

First you have to check the peel that must be compact and not wrinkled or soft. It does not even have to show spots or small shoots. In this case it means that the potatoes are aged. Do not throw them, simply remove the sprouts and use them to make the gnocchi.
Potatoes should not be kept in the refrigerator because the temperature is too low. Better to place them in a cool and dark place like a cellar. Wrap them with newspaper and keep them longer.

How to cook potatoes?

Potatoes can be prepared in a thousand ways and never lack in Italian kitchens.
The most common are the baked potatoes, but they are also excellent fried both sliced ​​and chopped, or simply steamed or boiled and then seasoned with oil and salt.
With potatoes you can also prepare excellent velvety, mashed potatoes and dumplings. The limit is only our imagination.

How much do the potatoes have to cook?

The cooking times of the potatoes vary obviously according to the size of the potatoes to the type of cooking. For boiled potatoes it goes from a minimum of 15 minutes after boiling up to 35-40 for very large potatoes. The same goes for baked ones.
The fried potatoes, which usually have to be cut into sticks about 3 cm thick, are cooked in 12 minutes in boiling oil. Since the variables are different, we recommend sticking them with a fork, if it enters easily (up to the heart) then it is time to remove them from the heat. Beware because the raw potato is not at all pleasant!

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