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How to cook onions

How they are cleaned, how they are preserved and how they are cooked. All you need to know about onions.

Onions are never lacking at home!
It's true must have of the kitchen because, together with garlic and parsley, it takes a while to prepare everything, or almost.
Some people do not love them because they do not leave a good smell, they are not very digestible and they even cry, but onions always make the difference in the preparation of a dish. It is that ingredient that must be there to give it an extra boost.

Onions have a lot of beneficial properties. They are detoxifying, rich in flavonoids, reduce blood sugar levels, help fight asthma and colds. The ideal would be to eat them raw so as not to lose its properties.

How to choose and store onions?

There are many varieties of onion and each has its own function in the kitchen.
The golden onion it lends itself to long and slow cooking and tends to become sweet. Perfect for soups and soups.
The white onionIt has a more intense and less sweet taste and is perfect as a side dish or on bread bruschetta.
The red onion, as already mentioned, from the best of itself from raw. It is the basic ingredient of Greek salad.
Onions finally, they enhance the taste of the dishes without covering it. They have a delicate flavor and are also excellent raw.
Onions should be kept in a cool placelike a cellar and not in the fridge. It is important to keep them away from potatoes because they get damaged faster.

How to cook onions?

First you have to clean them. The best way to do this is to cut the base where the roots were with a sharp knife. Then peel it removing the outer veils and cut it in half to eliminate any internal shoot.
Onions are a wild ingredient. They are good in vegetable soups, in sauces, in cooking bottoms, and they are also excellent baked.
They are generally secondary to other main ingredients, but can be used alone for example for the preparation of jams to combine with cheese or to prepare a filling of a savory cake or to accompany toasted bread.

10 recipes with onions

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